ARISA at the Sanremo Festival with “Potevi fare di più”

ARISA is competing at the 71st Sanremo Festival with the song “Potevi fare di più”
ph Bogdan Plakov

Attending a press conference via zoom is something we should be used to…

But this morning, listening to ARISA answer the questions of all the connected journalists, who were trying to investigate the collaboration with Gigi D’Alessio, author of the song “Potevi fare di più” that will be presented at the 71st Sanremo Festival, it was however for me very strange.

My memories of ARISA go back a few years to a Charity event organized by Children For Peace and our Magazine for a fundraiser aimed at supporting children in need around the world.

If I close my eyes I still hear her powerful voice and I see her on the stage of the Principe di Savoia ball room in Milan.

Her smiles, the search for contact with the public through a glance to share the moment. And the infinite patience, giving oneself to people for a photo, a hug, to hear yet another compliment for her performance.

ph Bogdan Plakov

Among his answers this morning we could clearly perceive his desire to perform for an audience whose presence, smell, mood and at the same time it was clear the determination and strength in following a direction that will allow the Festival of Sanremo not to stop, so that music and artists can bring a bit of lightness into the homes of Italians.

She seemed different to me, a woman more aware of herself, of her essence, of her abilities, with specific objectives that, as she said, “go straight”.

It seemed to me on a journey, the path that each of us travels in order to be himself.

ph Bogdan Plakov

ARISA is competing at the 71st Sanremo Festival with the song “Potevi fare di più” (Pipshow Srl, exclusive license of Believe Digital Srl), contained in his next album of unreleased songs.

The song tells of a moment of liberation from a toxic relationship. It tells the story of a woman who seeks the strength to say enough to a love that has died and to the constant attempts to keep it standing.

This will be a special festival, because beyond how things go, it will be the sign of the restart

Arisa tells

I can’t wait to go back to singing and to do it right on the Ariston stage, a very important stage for me to share the sensitivity of a song like “Potevi fare di più”

This will be the seventh participation in the Sanremo Festival for the artist who has already won two victories: the first in 2009, in the New Proposals category, with the song “Sincerità”, and the second in 2014 in the Champions category with “Controvento” . Furthermore, in 2015, Arisa was co-host of the 65th edition of the Festival.

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