Associazione DcomeDesign presents: Sono Tazza di Te!

The event exhibits over 80 cups signed by as many women designers – designers, artisans, artists, architects and more – in a word “craftsmen”, masters in the use of the most diverse materials
Sabrina Sguanci Curala

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021, the DcomeDesign association presents the exhibition SONO TAZZA DI TE! curated by Anty Pansera and Patrizia Sacchi, who from 5 to 10 September 2021 will animate what was once the ceramic workshop in which Marieda di Stefano worked, now part of the Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano in Milan.

The event exhibits over 80 cups signed by as many women designers – designers, artisans, artists, architects and more – in a word “craftsmen”, masters in the use of the most diverse materials, who have released their imagination to give life to the most different types of cups, making them become real objects of desire.

Marlisa Marasco Chiccarella

Yes, because the title of the exhibition plays precisely on this ambiguity: I’M CUP OF YOU! mimics the classic phrase “I’m crazy about you!”, meaning the passion, the curious and brilliant spirit that characterizes female creativity which, in this case, is released on a commonly used object, a “simple” cup in fact … not from you in this case!

The selection of the designers on display was the result of an open call launched last March which recorded a great participation: more than 300 applications were received, 216 those selected by the DcomeDesign Association and 65 projects chosen for the exhibition. In addition, the Association has also invited 14 special guests to create their cup such as Alessandra Baldereschi, Gabriella Benedini, Annalisa Cocco, Caterina Crepax, Laura Fiaschi (GUMDESIGN), Daniela Gerini, Silvia Levenson, Chiara Lorenzetti, Antonella Ravagli, Elena Salmistraro, Marta Sansoni, Annarita Serra, Sabrina Sguanci, Angela Simone.

Anna Rita Serra
Mi sono bevuta il cervello

The cups on display each represent the subjectivity, personality and eclecticism of the craftsmen involved, first of all in the use of the most different types of materials: from the more traditional ceramics, declined in forms and above all different manufacturing techniques, from glass and mosaic, passing through different types of papers, silver, steel, marble and fabrics (loom, crochet, embroidered) up to plastics and recycled materials, without forgetting the use of the 3D printer.

Gabriella Benedini Herat
Gabriella Benedini Herat

Hence the different functions of the cups, which in most of the examples on display transcend the classic use to become a truly unique piece with a decorative character and conceptual and archetypal meaning.

Daniela Scalese BB mug

Also significant in this sense are many titles, such as I drank my brain, Tonight I go out !, Genderbell, Chinon of vanity.

The whole boot is outlined on display from Piedmont to Sicily, from Sardinia to Veneto, from Emilia Romagna to Liguria, from Tuscany to Lazio to Umbria, from Campania – with a representative of the Municipality of Vietri sul Mare – to Calabria to Puglia, with foreign incursions from Israel, Spain and Switzerland.

The age of the participants is also transversal: starting from the class of 1931 and arriving at three young Millennials.

Vanessa Lecci
Stasera esco!

The exhibition is also characterized by two important tributes to two honorary members of DcomeDesign: Muky, born in 1926, ceramist and eclectic protagonist of the Faenza culture, and Antonia Campi, whose reinterpretation of her historic Gallina cup, from the service of the same name, is proposed (1951 for SCI-Laveno), by the Caselli-De Sanctis Institute of Capodimonte directed by Valter Luca De Bartolomeis. A preview of the exhibition to be held in Naples next November.

Cristina Busnelli Eubea

At the end of the exhibition SONO TAZZA DI TE !, to underline the mission of social design that has always characterized the DcomDesign Association, the cups of the 14 special guests will be auctioned by Jean Blanchaert in favor of the Arché Foundation with the ‘goal of organizing and developing a ceramic decoration workshop organized by the Impronte di Nova Milanese Association, for women supported by the Arché Foundation, open to the territory.

Angela Simone Free Style

The event promoted and wanted by DcomeDesign and shared by Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano – Municipality of Milan, is sponsored by the Cologni Foundation / Mestieri D’Arte, Plart Foundation, CNA-National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, AiCC – Italian Association of the City of Ceramics, YouNique-Craftsmanship of Excellence.

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