BE. Your Private View, a new exclusive hospitality project

Be. Your Private View

Two exceptional retreats on the Amalfi Coast and in the Dolomites.

BE. Your Private View is a project that stems from the need to regain balance and harmony with oneself. Shelters open to the world, in the most fascinating places in Italy, in Italian sites elected UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To change the point of view, rhythms of life and rediscover the power of nature.

The project is conceived and curated by Elisabetta Vanuzzo and Gianluca Spolverato. It proposes a concept of contemporary and tailor-made hospitality in Italy, in unique places where nature is the protagonist, sought out with passion, rediscovered and revived in a new dimension, an idea of hospitality that is based on the search for places and the creation of evocative environments where one can indulge in the luxury of transforming and personalizing the flow of days.

Two extraordinary locations will start in 2023: the first on the Amalfi Coast, available from the summer; the second, planned for the winter season, in Val di Fassa in the heart of the Dolomites.

Be. Amalfi Coast

Near Amalfi, the “Captain’s House” towers on the slopes of the mountain overlooking Conca dei Marini, a bay with high cliffs overlooking the sea, surrounded by vegetable gardens and lemon plantations in terraces.

Surrounded by 12,000 square meters of land, the residence retains the charm of the original mansion. The tower type, and its layout, offers guests an extraordinary panoramic view.
The three-level main building has a contemporary design that is cozy, warm and strongly related to the identity of the Coast. The essential and organic lines of the furniture, with the natural materials, create a continuity even visually between interior and exterior.

The inside presents a careful selection of iconic and internationally recognized Italian brands, such as Arcucci Trade, ceramics and table accessories, Dr. Vranjes, olfactory décor and courtesy service, Duravit, bathroom furniture and accessories, Ethimo for outdoor areas, Flos for indoor and outdoor lighting, SMEG for home appliances, Somma 1867 for linens, furniture complements from Zanotta, 2.8 for dog accessories.

The exterior is designed by renowned Milanese landscape architect Marco Bay, author of major Italian and international landscape projects: “It’s a place of such extraordinary and striking beauty that there is a fear of spoiling the charm of this unspoiled nature. The key has been to have a ‘gentle’ approach to the project, which is based on wisdom and respect. Starting from the idea of a descent to the sea, I created seven terraces for as many gardens, all different in characteristics and visual impact, but with a common thread related to the tradition of the place. I also added botanical experiments, a dreamlike element that transports to faraway places. Without prevaricating, I like to leave marks on the land so authentic that it feels like they have always been there“.

Main goal of the facilities is respect for the environment, sustainability and pursuit of restrained maintenance of greenery, following the characteristics and morphology of the land, with the preservation of existing trees and the inclusion of mostly native plants.

The seven gardens are studied and designed as rooms in a house, a concatenation of rooms surrounded by lush nature, each with its own soul.

The open-air living area, bordered and sheltered by a pergola built of chestnut wood, just like those that local farmers have always used; the harvest garden, a true traditional fruit and vegetable garden, with dedicated fields according to the seasons; the prairie, the largest terrace from a meadow surrounded by grasses and wildflowers; the lemon garden, an ideal setting where large dinners can be organized, as in the most classic Coastal tradition; the sculpture garden with Succulents; and the moon garden with plants, herbs and shrubs, selected for the peculiarity of having silver-gray leaves that, with the moonlight, are enhanced and spread a magical glow.

Be. Dolomites

An exclusive ‘refuge’ near the Fassa Valley in the well-known resorts of Moena, Canazei and Lake Carezza.
A renovated old barn that provides spectacular views of the majestic peaks of the Dolomites. To rediscover the colors, smells and sensations in the natural flow of the seasons, from the green splendor of spring to the white blanket of winter snow. Scheduled to open during the holiday season 2023.

BE. recounts the realization of a dreamVanuzzo and Spolverato say – offering a unique experience that goes beyond the simple idea of a vacation to share a philosophy of well-being, understood as being well with oneself and the environment around us. We relied on internationally recognized designers, architects and landscape architects to create these designs“.

The development of the project will continue in subsequent years with the inclusion of new locations.

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A fabric made of experiences, the editorial for the new Excellence

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