Bessa: Passionate Memories at Maison & Objet

João Bessa is a creator who seeks the origins in all aspects of his daily life. Being passionate about the history of Design, João is inspired by Vintage & Classic and recreates the best of the past in his own way. He combines his very own style with Art and Design, creating exclusive furniture pieces of pure beauty.

Bessa was born in Braga and studied management, but soon realized that his passion was in the creation of art and design pieces. Attracted by the multicultural environment and the unique architecture of the city, Bessa moved to Oporto city where he earned a degree in Product Design. A er working with several international recognized brands in the world of Design, João Bessa decided to make his passion a way of living. It was then that he decided to create his own design brand. In 2014, Bessa was born to make the world aware of the exclusive products made in Portugal.

Bessas’ pieces tell a story. Everything that is familiar and that marked me in one way or another empathy with the story that each piece perpetuates creates a bond with people.
I am a very nostalgic person. I love to remember good times and everything that is past. What de nes us is the time and what we did with it. Memories are my richest good. João Bessa.

Primivite table seeks the simplicity of nature. Sometimes we look for new inspirations and new ideas and forget that design has been around forever. Bessa was inspired in those early days and created a piece that values moments when there was no industry and when primitive objects harvested from nature were used to create functional pieces. Bessa privileges simplicity and shaped to an art & design center table that recreates a wooden board. The highlight of the piece goes to the massive worked brass top that seems to be levitating. A sculpture that revives ancient stories that are dear to us.
Materials | Solid brass, glass.

[vc_single_image image=”27247″ img_size=”full”]

The sculptural forms of the 30*s inspire the Liberty Collection. The tubular and steel structures that have marked those years are combined with a new inspiration that emphasizes the antagonistic feeling of deprivation of liberty. This conjunction marks the alliance of a vintage style with modern sensibilities. The curvy and exaggerated shapes of the sofa’s arms symbolize the end of enclosed spaces which are transformed into open doors to freedom.
Materials: brasspipe+ varnishantioxidant, velvet.

[vc_single_image image=”27246″ img_size=”full”]

This is a piece marked by great sentimental value, because it is inspired by the grandfather’s tender figure and his old clocks that accompanied our childhood. Now these unique beauty pieces add a classic and classy touch to our modern spaces. The Grandfather floor watch is a creation that combines this classic beauty with a contemporary and irreverent visual that ennobles any environment. Because this piece combines feelings and memories shared throughout the world, the Grandfather floor watch was designed with five watches representing five great capitals of fashion and design.
Materials: calacatta gold marble, solid brass + 24k gold plated, brass gear train mechanism.

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