Chef Alessandro Miceli arrives at the Hybrid Restaurant directly from Dubai

The project proposes a different level of reading and understanding of cooking recipes passing through the architectural process and a new way of conceiving the design of the restaurant built around the chef who will guide it, and his creations

On the occasion of the Fuori Salone di Milano – Milan Design Week 2022 and the 7th edition of Hotel Regeneration, at OfficinaVentura14 – Via Ventura 14 – Ventura Milano Design District, Chef Alessandro Miceli presented his innovative Dine & Design format and a “Made in South Italy ”

Alessandro Miceli the award-winning Chef at the helm of Bella Restaurant & Lounge Dubai – the explosive Italian restaurant in the United Arab Emirates – in collaboration with the Architect Clara Voce, Founder of 1747 Studio Concept & Design, presented Dine & Design is a revolutionary process that aims to unite Architects and Chefs to create F&B spaces, intimately connected with ” ingredients ” and ” materials ”.

Connections within these two disciplines are the key to the future of the F&B industry. Primary objective: to offer a 360-degree experience to the end customer.

Recipes without secrets

Is it possible to design restaurants without having a deep knowledge of the food we are about to serve? We can imagine the concepts without the support of those artists we daily call … Chefs?
The project proposes a different level of reading and understanding of cooking recipes passing through the architectural process and a new way of conceiving the design of the restaurant built around the chef who will guide it, and his creations.

Dine & Design will achieve exactly this: it will be possible to have access to all the information about the dishes offered through an explanatory graphic that will describe the food tasted in the round.
A graphic document will be created for each event, a first step towards educating the customer about food, providing him with a real cultural background. Returning to the same place, the dishes will have exactly the same ingredients, from now on traceable, available and imprinted in the memory.

In the kitchen as in design, the future lies in traceability, transparency and originality: the true value lies in uniqueness.

The exclusive Chef Miceli day continued with a dinner, which for the occasion presented a specially created menu: “A Fresh Sicilian Summer”.
The “Title” of the Menu by the volcanic Chef and his team of Bella Restaurant & Lounge Dubai, proclaimed despite its young history by What’s On, the best Italian restaurant 2022 in Dubai, in the difficult and competitive market of the Emirate city, has made dream with an explosion of strictly “Made in South Italy” flavors and aromas

About Alessandro Miceli

With 29 years of experience in some of the world’s most renowned cuisines, from Italy to England and the United Arab Emirates, Chef Alessandro Miceli is now at the helm of Dubai’s most disruptive Italian culinary destination: Bella, at the Grand Millennium Hotel. Business Bay. Among the various awards, the restaurant expertly led by the Chef won the What’s On award for 2022 as the best Italian restaurant in the difficult and competitive Dubai restaurant market.
Chef Miceli has a quick eye for detail, and always carries with him a warm smile, full of the joy and kindness that Italians are renowned for. He carries his heart and his passion for food “on his sleeve”.
From the age of 10 he started cooking for his younger brother, while his parents worked hard in the fields of Syracuse. This is where his innate generosity comes from, from the love for dishes intended for friends and family. And now at Bella’s you will feel exactly like this: one of the family that Alessandro (everyone can call him that) wants to please with a lively cuisine, based on first choice ingredients, tasty and temperamental.

In London, where he served the elite in the service of the Dutch embassy and His Highness Beatrice, he also developed a talent for training at the Metropolitan Hotel. He then took over the popular Italian restaurants San Marco and Piccolino with warmth and flair. Attracted by Dubai’s young and innovative culinary scene, the “Princess of the Sands” started with Ossigeno and La Fornace at the Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, then joined the Samman family as Executive Chef for Byblos Hospitality, before leaving the sign to the legendary Bice and to the Italian jewel Roberto’s by DIFC.
Alessandro is a multi-faceted chef, who willingly forgets the arrogance typical of this profession at high levels, despite the long list of accolades he has earned along the way, from Pro Chef’s Best Italian Chef in the UAE in 2019 to TimeOut and What’s On in so many categories that it becomes difficult to keep track. Kindness, empathy and true love of food make this gentleman chef a natural leader to his teams and a benevolent host to his guests.

About Bella Restaurant & Lounge Dubai

Bella, is Dubai’s quintessential Italian food destination. Traditional and thoughtful in servinguncle, contemporary in the interpretation of popular cuisine, daring and disruptive in the atmosphere. Bella is a social gathering and entertainment venue with unparalleled views of the Dubai Canal, the city skyline and the iconic Burj Khalifa.

At the helm, award-winning Chef Alessandro Miceli and a team of Michelin-experienced chefs execute a sensational menu. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the utmost refinement”. Here guests can enjoy a cuisine of Italian classics, with a modern twist and light Asian influences.

Bella’s sommeliers have curated a selection that includes splendid base wines and exceptional “Grand Crus” for the celebrations. The mixologists have chosen to play a decidedly Italian soundtrack, reinterpreting their favorite must-haves of all time.
Located on the rooftop of the Grand Millennium Hotel Business Bay, the venue, with 130 seats, is furnished in a loft style in shades of brown and gold, with lighting effects and state-of-the-art sound system.
Upon entering, the sumptuous lounge is extended with an amber backlit bar, above which is the common VIP table, in front of the DJ booth. Whether guests want to mingle or flirt, this is the relaxing yet refined space dedicated to Bella’s audience.
On the skyline side, the elegant restaurant overlooks the glitter of the city, providing guests with an elegant and effortless setting to dine or have a drink, while experiencing the ceremonial service carefully orchestrated by Stefano Bassanese.

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