Coppa Milano Sanremo an Extraordinary Edition

The 14th edition of the Historical Reenactment of the Milano Sanremo Cup will be held from 23 to 26 March 2023, reaffirming itself in the panorama of the great classic races thanks to its presence within the Italian Great Events Championship organized by ACI Sport, which also includes the Coppa delle Alpi, the Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti, the Gran Premio Nuvolari and the Targa Florio Classica.

Participation in the race will be reserved for cars built between 1906 and 1990, with a F.I.V.A. passport, or F.I.A. Heritage, or A.S.I. homologation, or A.C.I. Sports, or belonging to a brand registry. After the success of the last edition, the possibility of participating in the “Rendez-Vous” is reconfirmed, the exclusive Tribute reserved for modern supercars and the most iconic youngtimers built from 1990 to the present day.

The “Lady” of the races, which has always been a great attraction for Italian and foreign crews, male and female, will implement a real revolution during its 14th edition: the days of competition will increase from three to four and the course will undergo a epochal reversal in the ultra-centennial history of the Milano-Sanremo Cup.

With a view to creating an even more captivating race format, after the traditional start from the Monza National Autodrome, the competitors will cross enchanting landscapes along a route of over 900 km (made even more captivating by more than 100 special stages), which will lead them on Friday evening to the first intermediate stage of Sanremo, and then continue on Saturday to Genoa, where an exclusive défilé will be held along the streets of the Ligurian capital. On the final day of Sunday, the competition will continue to Milan where, after a spectacular arrival in the heart of the city centre, it will end with the final award ceremony at the AC Milano headquarters in Corso Venezia.

credits ph. Lorenzo Martincich/Marco Passaniti/ BluePassion photo

As per tradition, the prestigious “Coppa delle Dame” will be held within the 14th Historical Reenactment, conceived for the first time at the beginning of the last century, thanks to the conspicuous participation of female crews and the intuition of the organizers of the Milan Cup-San Remo.

credits ph. Lorenzo Martincich/Marco Passaniti/ BluePassion photo

Therefore, there are many elements that distinguish and contribute to recalling the timeless charm of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo, which over the years has seen great racing champions and illustrious personalities of the international jet set race, testifying to the exclusivity and peculiarity of the race , combining tradition, competition, elegance and savoir faire in a perfect mix.

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