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I am truly honoured to interview my dear friend His Excellency Dr. S. Mohammed Sheriff.

How did you commence your Diplomatic carrier?
I commenced my carrier as Head Doctor followed by Vice Director in the state hospital of Liberia . I then joined parliament and soon after I became Vice Minister of Health followed by Minister of Transport and finally Minister of Foreign Affairs where I was appointed the role of Ambassador. As Ambassador, I went on to do various missions and represent Liberia in many countries.

Which place has been your most memorable?
Definitely Rome where I made lifelong friends, learnt Italian and had the pleasure of meeting many interesting and distinct people.

Who has been the most inspirational person that you have met?
Without hesitation, his Holiness Pope Francis! He is an extremely respectable, genuine, humble person and am feel truly honoured to have had the pleasure of meeting him. He sees every individual as a person – there is no distinction between race, class, culture, professional title.

How do you see your future?
I see my future with eyes of an optimist and therefore keep moving and looking ahead with a positive view and don’t let myself get discouraged.

What are you short and long-term goals?
My main aim is to do good by my people. To return home, to give a hand to develop the country and we’ll see politically how things turn out and how this can help.

How do you see Africa today as opposed to the past and how do you see its future?
I see Africa as a continent that is rapidly moving forward, advancing and it has a grand future ahead. The world should be aware of Africa as we are growing at a steady pace and we should not be taken for granted. Africa is continent that has everything, it has wealth, minerals, citizens that love people of all kinds, life, it is the promised land.

What would you like to stop in Africa?
First and foremost is to eliminate hunger, the population is hungry and continues to die because of this. I would eliminate immediately poverty and all the things that contribute to poverty.

What is the first thing you would give to your people?
Energy is very important. Where there is no energy, investors do not come easily to Africa. Then infrastructures, roads, houses. These are the two most important things to move Africa forward.

Is there anything in particular you would like to say to the readers of this article?
Yes, to encourage other people to invest in Africa. Who has the opportunity to invest, to think about Africa before choosing other places in the world.

What word of encouragement would you give to your people?
To have hope in the future. To stop leaving Africa with false belief of a better life elsewhere, to remain and build a better Africa, for themselves, their families and the prosperity of all Africans.

My dear H.E. Mohammed Sheriff, from my heart and for the friendship that we have, I strongly wish you all the very best in achieving your dream to make your country a prosperous one.

by Deborah Martinelli Bonavia

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