Gypsy heart for the Mario Dice resort19 collection

After last season’s tribute to history’s grand heroines, including Lucrezia Borgia and Joan of Arc, Mario Dice decides to tell a modern story. In his way, drawing from memories, from his couture approach, from his personal vision.

Mario Dice investigates and scours reality and proposes a new dress code. Inspired by last century’s gypsies of the Camargue where even today Santa Sara, protector of the gypsies is celebrated each May, this collection recounts distant memories, of magic, of incantations, of far off lands. A new gypsy style where memories overlap the present, and emotions translate into embroideries and inlays or are hidden away between the folds of a lace skirt. Covered in long veils fastened to menswear inspired hats, adorned in tops knotted like foulards and asymmetric dresses held together by bows, these gypsy souls are both gracious and mysterious, fringe and charms blowing in the wind, transforming into amulet adornments. Imagination gives way to reality where all that is déjà vu is discarded and recomposed. Pieces that recall an ethno-chic style à la Talitha Getty, with her ability to combine strident colors, fluid forms and airy fabrics with a sartorial aplomb. Unexpected and visionary collages that vibrate like a stolen look. Recollections that transform into tangible reality, first striking the eyes then going straight to the heart. Mario Dice’s narrative translates into a unique vision, precious, hand-worked and elaborated, rich, colorful and feminine.

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Nature is both the starting point and finish line for this cruise 2019 collection where creations connect and retain histories, habits and gestures. Simple raffia becomes precious when adorned with dreamcatcher motifs painted by hand like a talisman, a bolero is embroidered allover with mini wooden henna dyed beads, and transforms into a mandala while a raw linen dress features earth tone nuances, with closures in rubber.  And then tunics inspired by both the color and shape of tobacco leaves, like magical gitanes or long flounced skirts to wear with body tattoos and poncho style dresses adorned with body caressing fringe. A rapid style, wandering, vagabond and nomad whereby any sense of belonging is seen as a limit and freedom is the rule. A story filled with magic, incantations, fortune telling and love where bohemian inspiration are diffused by elements of haute couture, precious details, and unexpected embroideries while overlays appear to both cover and reveal. The silhouette is fluid and celebrates a unique and vibrant sensuality, strong and savage. A visual saga shaped by the master hands of Mario Dice who works with memory and reminiscence, transforming thought into substance. The dress as emotion.

A new chapter in a story that will be revealed in September during the spring/summer 2019 fashion show… to be continued.

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