David Bowie & Masayoshi Sukita : HEROES

An exhibition-event by Think Design, exclusively in Switzerland, telling the story of two exceptional Heroes, David Bowie and Masayoshi Sukita. Excellence Magazine always close to the art world and to the excellence promoted by Think Design, it will take part as Official Event Media Partner.

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Why put together such a unique event dedicated to the White Duke and the photographer who immortalised him? The underlying reasons are not only related to the desire to pay tribute to the artist and to his career, but also to uncover the deeper side of Bowie’s soul, which would otherwise remain hidden forever. These intimate snapshots are disarmingly beautiful, and some of them have a unique simplicity composed of everyday expressions, while others provoke through the eccentricity of the costumes and the depth of the gaze.

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The photographer. Masayoshi Sukita was born in 1938 in Nogata, northern Japan. He graduated from the “Japan Institute of Photography”, where he studied with Shisui Tanahashi. He started working for Daiko Advertising Inc. and moved to Tokyo in 1965, which he mainly worked with men’s fashion photos, for which he won several awards. Later, he developed a great interest in subcultures and attended the Woodstock Festival in 1969. From there, as a freelance photographer, he began visiting New York. He was a great lover of art, music and cinema, and when he went to London in 1972 he had a scintillating encounter with David Bowie. He was driven to to attend a concert by the promotional poster for The Man Who Sold the World, which totally hypnotised him.

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The most significant moment in the relationship between the two undoubtedly came in 1977 when Bowie returned to Tokyo with Iggy Pop, and it was on this occasion that he asked Sukita to portray him in a lengthy photo session. The Japanese maestro did not know yet, but one of those shots would become the famous cover for the “HEROES” album.Sukita acquired international fame and, in addition to Bowie, he also immortalised Marc Bolan, Cyndi Lauper, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, Jordan, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Lee Morgan, New York Dolls, Francis Ford Coppola, Billy Joel, Chuck Berry, Elvis Costello, Boy George, Vivienne Westwood, The Police, Billy Idle and many other artists.

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Vernissage: 09.03.17 @ 18:30 –  [dip] contemporary art, Via Dufour 21, 6900 Lugano


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