Design Inspirations: classic and modern, sumptuous and linear

Design Inspirations

A selection of furniture to enrich bedrooms and living rooms.

Sideboards and tables, armchairs and chalices, beds, ottomans, séparé and a refrigerator-bar that becomes a furniture object. This is our design selection to inspire you in decorating or renovating your home with a choice of pieces ranging from Louis XV style to the most modern minimal.

Design Inspirations
Carlo Moretti, Collectible Goblets

Since 1990, the virtuosity of artisans combined with a happy intuition of Giovanni Moretti has given birth to the Collectible Goblets. Precious families of objects offered in signed and numbered limited editions, in sets of 6 glasses. With a design that gives voice to creativity, the goblets are always different from one another, transparent or in colored glass, rich in applications, intricate workmanship, manual interventions and exclusive decorations. New and original interpretations have been proposed from year to year. The 2023 edition celebrates the handmade with unique details and an ode to blue and white embellished with red accents.

Design Inspirations
Kenneth Cobonpue, Voyage Bed.

Kenneth Cobonpue ‘s designs are chosen to enhance the sets of the most prestigious productions, such as the Voyage bed, one of Kenneth Cobonpue’s iconic furniture pieces seen in the fourth season of the Netflix series “Selling Sunset.”

Design Inspirations
Turri, Silhouette Armchair

Turri ‘s craftsmanship also returns in more refined settings, such as hotel lobbies. This is how Silhouette, designed by Gensler Product Consultant for the company last year, also does not change its shape but only its color. An upside-down “U” that refers to the idea of lightness, along with the soft, enveloping lines of the cushioning, in fabric or leather, is enriched with new colors. Two new proposals: one with matte gray frame covered in white bouclé and the second in total green look. Color is the real new protagonist of a contemporary and functional space.

Turri by Paola Navone, Azul armchair
Turri by Paola Navone, Azul Sofa

The armchair and sofa from the Azul collection by Turri by Paola Navone look like a macro velvet weave, made strictly by hand, that evokes the workings of fashion. Perfection lies precisely in their imperfection, in their ability to accommodate and shape the atmosphere in which they are embedded. The manual weaving process requires many hours of production. Each velvet tube is cut, sewn, stuffed and woven by hand. This great craftsmanship of design gives rise to unique and nonreplicable pieces.

Del Savio, Myth Cupboard/Sideboard – ph Mauro Tittoto
Del Savio, Marble Marbling dining table – ph Mauro Tittoto

The Myth Cupboard/Sideboard by Del Savio plays on the graphisms of the Myth/EIDOLA collection designed by Mae Engelgeer: thanks to the combinations of materials, colors and geometries, the pattern acquires three-dimensionality alluding to a trompe l’oeil effect.

The Marble Marbling Dining Table, always by Del Savio, declines the research initiated by the study Zanellato/Bortotto thanks to Del Savio’s expertise: the ancient techniques of paper marbling were the inspiration for obtaining a new material of great construction complexity with an irregular and dynamic pattern that chases itself throughout the surface.

ISA’s Genesis, refrigerator-bar cabinet
ISA’s Genesis, refrigerator-bar cabinet

The fridge-bar element becomes a true piece of furniture with ISA’s Genesis, a refined storage unit born from the encounter between the company’s technological know-how and industrial culture inspired by the best Italian design. Functionality and aesthetics, technology and tailored design make Genesis a versatile solution for residential as well. Created in collaboration with designer Sergio Brioschi, Genesis has two or three drawers lined up: one neutral and one refrigerated in Genesis 120; the other one with two refrigerated in Genesis 180.

Etro Home Interiors, Type armchair

With its wide armrests and soft lines that convey a feeling of reassuring welcome, the Type armchair by Etro Home Interiors is the epitome of comfort and relaxation. An armchair with timeless style and eclectic appeal, upholstered in the fabrics and leathers available in the collection.

A&B living design by Philippe Nigro, Marechiaro bookcase, séparé and modular boiserie

Marechiaro, bookcase, séparé and modular ash slatted paneling by A&B living, design by Philippe Nigro, available in green, burgundy and blue.

Jumbo Collection, Lumière Console

Jumbo Collection presents The French Apartment, a prestigious selection of furniture rich in Louis XV and Louis XVI style décor, softened by a delicate color palette with predominance of neutral tones such as white, gray and powder pink. Here is the Lumière console, with a base composed of slender metal columns enhanced by lost-wax cast brass details and an upper part with sumptuous decoration.

Emanuele Santalena, Era Pouf
Emanuele Santalena, set console Hydra

The concept of Era Pouf by Emanuele Santalena creates the right synergy with the living area space, a sculptural element that is characterized by its floating wooden band that conveys a feeling of product suspension. Soft shapes are enhanced through the use of materials such as bouclé (Loop Loop by Dedar) combined with a Canaletto walnut band and a marble base.

The Hydra console set by Emanuele Santalena shows symmetry in design, craftsmanship in materials, and modularity in legs, where marble supports become defining principles for the uniqueness of the products. Different versions for marbles, from Calacatta to Carrara, black Marquina to red Lepanto, and curved legs in different metal finishes.

Valeria Rastrelli

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