Dinamica® protagonist at Naias Detroit

Nissan Xmotion, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and new Ford models dress the ecological microfiber produced by Miko. For Dinamica®, the first made-in-Italy ecosuede, 2018 starts at NAIAS Detroit, where it is one of the material chosen by some leading Car makers such Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Ford to dress innovative models presented in preview at the international event.
The most awaited protagonist of the 2018 edition is the Xmotion by Nissan, the concept car that combines Japanese design (entirely made by Nissan) with the refined style of Dinamica®. The made-in-Italy ecosuede, made unique by its amazing laser etching and perforations, has been presented in two versions combined together: light grey on seats, steering wheel and dashboard, and red on doors, ceiling and floor. Triumphal entry for the other great anticipation of the US show, the renewed G-Class, the iconic off-road vehicle by Mercedes-Benz, appeared at the Media Night with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a special guest. The model presented in Detroit was acclaimed for the headliner covered in Dinamica®. The restyling of the G-Class has met the expectations of the public and of the brand’s lovers: externally it does not differ too much from the original version; internally it is much more technological and meets the high-digital standards performed by the Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Furthermore, the off-road becomes more agile and is perfect on-road, too.
Ford has fascinated the public in Detroit, too, with the world debut of some models including the new Raptor, a very large pick-up with details and finishes in Dinamica®, the renewed Edge ST, the sports car with seat in Dinamica® rearranged to enhance the pleasure of driving, and the brand-new Lincoln Navigator, a luxury seven-seater SUV presented with the pavilion covered in Dinamica® Super Wide, the variant for the headliner made exclusively for large-sized SUVs. The Navigator, which has triumphed in the “truck” category, is mainly thought for the US market.
Lorenzo Terraneo, CEO of Miko, company producer of Dinamica®, said about Detroit Auto Show 2018: “Research, innovation and green approach are the cornerstones of our philosophy and grant us a leading position in the production of microfiber. The presence of Dinamica® aboard some of the most prestigious cars at the Detroit Motor Show confirms this vision. We create a product of excellence, made with recycled material and designed to be recyclable at the end of its use, that goes together with luxury and high performance. This vision, that meets the criteria of the circular economy, has allowed us to reach the carmakers all over the world. ” Important news from the world of Dinamica® are coming next March 2018 at the renowned Geneva International Auto Show, maybe the most prestigious and long-awaited by the car lovers.

About Sage Automotive Interiors
Sage Automotive Interiors (www.sageautomotiveinteriors.com) is one of the world’s leading providers of automotive bodycloth—seating, door panel surfaces, and headliners—to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Global offices and manufacturing locations include the U.S., Japan, China, Brazil, Korea, India, Mexico and Europe. Sage enjoys core strengths in consumer research, sustainability and innovative problem solving for the OEM. Sage’s vision is to be the market leader in design, engineering and technical capability supported by world-class manufacturing.

About Miko S.r.l. and Dinamica®
Miko S.r.l. (www.dinamicamiko.com) is a leading Italian company which produces Dinamica®, the first ecological microfiber with unique characteristics suitable for a variety of applications. Dinamica® is produced using recycled polyester with an innovative water-based manufacturing process in which no harmful chemical solvents are used. Miko has created various solutions for the automotive market with recyclable microfibers that are environmentally friendly and comply with the highest standards. Dinamica® is suitable for seats and backrests, as well as for panels, roof lining and door interiors. In July 2012, Dinamica® for automotive applications obtained the EPD® certification, the most advanced Environmental Product Declaration for products. EPD is a verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products.

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