Timeless elegance and style, the style of those who choose Taurus

Crafting top-end bikes. Taurus was founded in 1908 with this purpose. For more than a hundred years, the company has devoted all its efforts to this aim, so that nowadays Taurus outstands among the most exclusive and prestigious bike producers.

The meticulous care for details, the use of high-quality materials and the sound experience in this field make our bikes a unique and reliable product. The Historic Home of Italian Bikes since 1908, highly-regarded for its products which are the result of a well-established technical/artisanal culture and an extreme care for details, pays a great attention and effort to producing classical bikes for men and women. But Taurus has gone beyond this, since the company enriched its production with new models of special bikes, meant for professional use, and designed so as to ensure the best performance at the minimum maintenance cost. The different models cover any kind of need and style, ranging from the mechanism of rod-brakes to the sustainability of electric propulsion. They are modern-looking products, balancing long-time tradition and innovation. Taurus indeed is able to combine technology with the historic tradition characterizing its brand and the artisanal top-end quality of the “made in Italy” style, by developing specific solutions such as power-assisted bikes, fuel cell propulsion, multimedia set-up tools, gps systems and IT-based insurance. Three months ago, the entrepreneur Fabio De Felice, founder of  Protom Group, took over the Taurus brand and enhanced the products and the people working for the Historic Home.

Protom is a Neapolitan group founded 22 years ago, which has reached a turnover of 16 million euro, with two-hundred employees. The group is made up of four complementary business areas: Engineering, ICT, Training and PA Consulting. The combination of the different departments allows to design innovative solutions characterized by the tailor-made approach required to guarantee the best results from each project. Thanks to De Felice, Taurus tradition is walking one further step towards innovation. The craftsmen team is thus backed by Top Management: directional managers lead the company on the base of a wide-range vision, designing solutions in order to meet the needs of true two-wheel lovers. And Taurus bikes have always been (and always will) elegant products with a plain design.

«We love tradition and Taurus is a must-have for two-wheel lovers – Fabio De Felice says – and we love innovation as well. Through Taurus, we aim at combining the two by the means and tools of the Industry 4.0 approach». In the past few years we have strengthened out IT Dept., by hiring a core-team of managers and professionals, as well as a large number of brilliant young graduates coming straight out of Universities, who found in our group the right chance to put their talent into practice. Taurus’ business plan is an ambitious one: De Felice is going to invest 6 million euro in three years in order to increase the turnover from the current 2 million euro to 10 million. «Export is very important for an artisanal product like this – De Felice maintains – it accounts for 85% of the business, and we aim at strengthening it, since the potential of the product is huge: Taurus is a cult object for many North European two-wheel lovers».

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