Eleonora Lastrucci: a new collection to celebrate summer

The new couture line by Eleonora Lastrucci is meant as an ode to summer, where vibrant, rich colors are balanced with sensuality and elegance

The new couture line by Eleonora Lastrucci is meant as an ode to summer, where vibrant, rich colors are balanced with sensuality and elegance.

The choice of fabrics is extremely important in tailoring

Eleonora Lastrucci

I opted for embroidered silk laces colored with lurex, in mixed, strong tones that the charm of tailoring alone can make unique.

Inspired by flora and fauna, these dresses are a tribute to the earth and nature.

Dresses for special, sophisticated women, who do not need clothes to show what they are.

Elegant women by definition, who in their absolute simplicity cannot but express a strong personality

We ask Eleonora to describe her marvelous creations to reveal the project behind them, her style choices, and the woman she had in mind while designing.

A light tulle fabric totally covered in golden shards, a top crossed at the neck that flatters an elegant, discreet neckline.
This may also serve as a bridal dress, for women wishing to emphasize their beauty on that joyful day.

Eleonora Lastrucci new collection

A dress with a stiff tulle hem and applied white daisies, embroidered in silk thread.
For women looking to be one with nature, and to turn heads in every occasion, from cocktail parties to gala nights.

Eleonora Lastrucci new collection

A loose dress in silk tulle, embroidered in golden thread that creates large peacocks.
An ode to the fauna, and to the love for animals.

It is designed to suit strong-willed women who love the outdoor life, but will not compromise on feeling elegant at all times.

Eleonora Lastrucci new collection

A heavy silk dress with large, embroidered silk flowers.
A crispy dress for confident women who know how to be chic in all occasions, while always wearing a couture piece for feeling sophisticated and light.

Eleonora Lastrucci new collection

A sheer dress in glittery fabric, with a loose underskirt.
It has a plunging neckline, large puff sleeves, and two large slits on the front.
To be worn by sweet yet strong, determined women, aware of its timeless value.

Eleonora Lastrucci new collection

A multicolor, glittery tulle dress.
Pink shades on the front, and green shades on the back.
It is framed by several small roses, entirely handmade one by one.
This delicate dress accentuates any woman’s face with a large rose cameo on the shoulder, and harmoniously envelops the body in soft fabrics.
A dress whose simple elegance just does not go unnoticed.


Eleonora Lastrucci new collection

A dress in fine French lace, with a violet tulle underskirt and an organza train.
It stands out for the large cape around the shoulders, which creates a delicate, sensual look.
Designed for independent women who enjoy being admired for their uniqueness.

Eleonora Lastrucci new collection

The designer created special dresses for special occasions, and they are so perfect that they make the everyday different, less ordinary, for women to feel not just more beautiful, but happier too.
She looks for the essence and uniqueness of the ultimate luxury, hinting at the privileged life of older generations, and the extraordinary dresses of their fashion.

Mannequin: Roberta D’Orsi
Photo Francesco Bolognini
FB: Studio Fotografico Bolognini

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