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Entropia was founded in 2012 by Dr Panagiotis Kyriazis and Michael Dunkerly. Over the years the company has developed four areas of specialisation that have evolved as “differentiators”; eco, art, blockchain and design breakthroughs. Panos is an economics professor at Athens University of Economics and lecturer at the IUM. His classes have become legendary because (in tandem with a career in academia) for twenty years he ran transport logistics hubs out of Germany, Bulgaria and Greece.

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This allows him to incorporate business challenges into his lectures and offer practical solutions not usually found in theoretical case studies.  He is also the Treasurer of the Hellenic Community in Monaco and manages several NFT portfolios. Michael has degrees in languages and law and a Yachtmaster from Plymouth.  After training with Freshfields he built a career in Greece specialized in yacht law and represented Perini Navi for over 15 years. The combination of Panos’s academic and practical problemsolving and Michael’s sailing and yacht law background drive Entropia’s reputation.


ECO – Issues facing the marine environment go beyond finding a kit-kat wrapper (or worse) bobbing next to you while treading water in an idyllic cove. The Ocean Clean-Up team estimate that just one patch of garbage accumulating in the Pacific Ocean and circulating in a giant vortex (“the great Pacific garbage patch”) contains more than 100 million kilos of plastic. It’s a big problem. Over time plastic breaks down and is absorbed into the food chain.

It is claimed that every day the average person consumes a serving equivalent to the size of a credit card!  It’s hard to know where to start when confronted with these statistics but to address the issues we must first become aware that they exist. The Eco-World section of Entropia’s website lists organizations working to reduce ocean pollution with links to documentaries and eco-friendly products and services. Entropia promotes designers, builders, engineers and visionaries in the eco yacht space.

PMG, the largest private shipyard in South East Asia

PMG Shipyard (represented by Entropia) build sail and motor catamarans in Thailand. This shipyard, led by Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Guenat has been at the forefront of the solar powered revolution building on solar tech developed by NASA.

ART – Entropia is one of the first brokerages to offer a NFT service. NFTs are digital art. Sometimes NFTs are sold together with their physical counterpart. In these instances the physical artwork can hang in the owner’s home or climate controlled storage while the NFT can be displayed digitally on board. Entropia currently supports two artists at a time when their careers are blossoming; Vasilis Antonakos and Carolina Rovithi. The company also assists owners who are new to this medium helping them to navigate the crypto world, become familiar with NFT platforms, develop their own portfolios and exhibit them on board.

BLOCKCHAIN – Blockchain technology has opened a digital gateway to new and more efficient ways of doing business. Entropia’s experience in this field is not limited to NFTs or the promotion of novel ocean clean-up discoveries via its ENT token. Entropia’s first blockchain project focuses on marina operations. Built together with specialists Agis Exarchakis and Jean Saurini, Entropia’s novel marina booking concept is ready to be deployed.

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DESIGN – Entropia fills a gap in the tender and toys market by introducing buyers to a range of options divided into four sections; flying machines, submarines, tenders and toys. Modern submarines are very safety oriented with smart systems and features designed to ensure that the occupants rise to the service in the same condition that they left.  Entropia works closely with leading submarine specialist U-Boat Worx in Holland.  Entropia also covers more than thirty tender options, many of which are ecofriendly. Foil innovations that were developed during the 2013 America’s Cup have been finessed and now foiling electric tenders have hit the market. The latest offerings allow for reduced friction, high speeds, stable rides and minimal pollution.

A final category is “toys”. Most popular are electric surf boards both with and without foils and wings. Beyond the electric surf division there are inflatable slides, trampolines, jet skis, sea bobs, underwater drones and climbing walls. There are even aft platform extensions that can be unfolded allowing mooring space for… even more toys! Entropia has partnered with Glacier Yachts from Latvia, and the company currently serves as their representative dealer. Drawn by prestigious Guido de Groot Designs with engineering and naval architecture from Dutch specialists Menno van Dijk, Glacier Yachts’ all-aluminium range is very exciting, competitively priced and visually spectacular.

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