Evento numero 32 Excellence Villa Principe Leopoldo

Villa Principe Leopoldo celebrates the 32nd issue of Excellence

Event-presentation of the latest issue among protagonists and partners.

On Thursday, Nov. 16th from 7 to 11 p.m. the beautiful setting of Villa Principe Leopoldoreturns to host the presentation of the latest issue of Excellence.

Many special moments are planned to enliven the event: an exclusive fashion show, video projections, live music & DJ, all accompanied by fine Champagnes and fine wines from Burgundy and a standing dinner to delight the palates.

An evening to celebrate the release of the latest magazine together with its protagonists and partners, both from the magazine and the beyond.luxury platform. This edition in particular will have the support of top sponsors such as Scavia, Merbag, Air-Dynamic and Crurated for the wine selection.

The refined, welcoming and relaxed environment is the ideal meeting place to make connections and new synergies for upcoming publications.

Cecilia Paredes, Clorinda

Adding further prestige to the evening is the display of the original and purchasable work “Clorinda” by artist Cecilia Paredes, featured on the current cover of Excellence, “the artist who disappears inside his works” becoming one with them thanks to his artistic technique that camouflages his body with the object of his compositions, often made of tapestry patterns or wallpapers.


16 Nov 2023


19:00 - 23:00




Hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo