Falmec is ‘Life inspired’ at Eurocucina FTK 2018

Falmec, international player in the hoods and air treatment market, will exhibit at Eurocucina FTK which is on stage for its 22nd edition.

Falmec will introduce a new pay-off, ‘Life inspired’, that perfectly describes the personality and philosophy of the brand which aims to bring innovation into our everyday life, enhancing life quality and being inspired by life.

Smart, functional and captivating solutions are the result of Falmec authentic care towards people needs and locations characteristics. Falmec expertise in the hoods sector – which is still its core business – let the company go beyond kitchen filtration to explore cooking and air treatment markets applying them the same know how. A conscious choice which allow Falmec to fit its prerogatives: product culture and passion in good hand-crafting. This is the way to create unique objects, manufactured down to the finest details and perfected in every single aspect.

All of this made Falmec one of the most important player on the international scene, ambassador of italian genius and of authentic Made in Italy.

Constant design and functionality research – part of the Falmec DNA –is supported today by new and meaningful partnerships with well-known designers who have been working very closely with the company to create something unique and innovative.

New products will be displayed for the first time at Eurocucina FTK 2018.

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