First edition of the Swim-Run Serenissima Venezia

Hosted by a magical place like the Marina di Sant’Elena, in the heart of the Venetian lagoon, on Sunday 19 June a unique swimming and running competition will take place
credit photo Irina Litvinenko

Is it possible to swim and run seamlessly? Yup!

Hosted by a magical place like the Marina di Sant’Elena, in the heart of the Venetian lagoon, on Sunday 19 June a unique swimming and running competition will take place: a race that includes continuous passages between swimming and running, without transition areas where leave your equipment, disputed outdoors, in free water and with a series of check points from start to finish.

SWIMRUN was officially born in 2006, when the “ÖTILLÖ” (which means “Island to the island”) race was held for the first time in Sweden. Today “Ötillö” has become a world circuit that organizes Swimrun competitions in various suggestive places around the world.

The suggestive Venetian race, on the other hand, directed by Guido Rizzo, will start at 10:00 and will include four running segments also on the infinity walkways on the water and four consecutive and alternating swimming, for a total of 8 km of running and 2,200 meters of swimming.

We will start with the running fraction in front of the church of Sant’Elena, with a path inside the Marina and arrival at the dock.

The swimming fraction will take place in the stretch of water inside the dock, marked by buoys.
In the last swimming stage, the athletes will reach the finish line after having walked the 200 meters of dock suspended over the lagoon.

The relay race, on the other hand, will start at 12:00 and will be punctuated by two running segments interspersed with a swimming one.

The result of the race will be valid as the Veneto Regional Championship C.S.E.N. of Swim-Run and will award four slots for Aquatic Runner World Championship 2022.

Within the event, there will also be two swimming competitions that will start at 14:00 and will see the athletes compete over a distance of 600 meters the first and 1,800 meters the second.

Kima srls will give life to the competition between land and sea, a company born from the desire to create and promote Venice, the most beautiful city in the world, through new sport and life style events.
Thanks to Kima, in fact, also the first absolute edition of SWIM-RUN SERENISSIMA VENEZIA will be inaugurated on Saturday 18 June with a glamorous evening, embellished with chic picnics and Dj Set.

This first edition of SWIM-RUN SERENISSIMA VENEZIA was created in partnership with Y-40® The Deep Joy, the deepest thermal water pool in the world which entered the Guinness World Records in 2014, and MyWorld, an international e-commerce platform that offers its customers and business partners have access to numerous benefits in various sectors.

The Swim Run Serenissima Venezia is the first event of its kind organized in the historic center of Venice that simultaneously celebrates sport and Venice. A “tailor-made” competition in an exclusive and particular city that is confirmed to be the most beautiful stage in the world

The collaboration between the deepest thermal pool in the world and the natural pool in the most beautiful city in the world, which is the dock where the swimming fraction will develop, came in an absolutely spontaneous way.

explained architect Emanuele Boaretto, creator and designer of Y-40® The Deep Joy

What unites us is a bond built on water, a precious resource that distinguishes us in a different way, on our region, the Veneto, so rich in tourist-cultural offers, from nature to history, but also on the passion for sport, competitive and not. , and on making the concept of well-being feel good together in a context of beauty

We as myWorld, a buying community present in 55 countries, are pleased to be partners of this initiative which strengthens our presence in the world of sport and our proximity to the projects that support the relaunch of Venice.

says Edoardo Moretti, myWorld Regional Director South West Europe


Glamor evening on Saturday 18 June – by invitation only.

credit photo Irina Litvinenko
credit photo Irina Litvinenko


7.00 pm Fashion show of the designer Eleonora Lastrucci “Onda su Onda” in collaboration with Venice Fashion Week, My Venice, Infospettacoli and Yacht Club Venezia
Following, Pic-nic Chic curated by Bibendum Group and Canella SpA (Bellini Group)
DJ Set of Radio Stereocittà, sponsor of the event.


credit photo Irina Litvinenko
credit photo Irina Litvinenko

Media Partner: Excellence Magazine

Photo shoot: Wladimiro Speranzoni

credit photo for Eleonora Lastrucci: Irina Litvinenko


07:30 athletes registration.
10:00 am men’s and women’s competition
12:15 pm Aquathlon relay
3.00 pm swimming competition on distances of 600 and 1800 m.
Awards ceremony at 2.00 pm for Swimrun and at 4.00 pm for swimming competitions. Speakers of the event: Radio Stereocittà
Video: AR production
Photo shoot: Race Photo.

To reserve:

Kima benefits from the support of numerous partners, including:

Y-40® The Deep Joy, MyWorld, Eleonora Lastrucci, Venice Fashion Week, Sant’Elena Marina in Venice, Venice Marinas, Yacht Club Venezia, AVA, On View Ornella Naccari, My Venice, Bibendum Group, Canella spa, Despar, Excellence Magazine, Infospettacoli Magazine, AR Production, Race Photo, Wladimiro Speranzoni, 7Gold, Radio Café, Radio Pocket, 21 Zero Contaminazioni, Radio Stereocittà, Radio Sportiva, Plastic Free, C.S.E.N., FIPSAS CONI CMAS, F.I.S.A. Treviso, FITCLUB L.A.’71, CORNIER1757

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