Global changemakers and Industry rockstars… by mentor!

Excellence Magazine interviews Kane and Alessia Minkus the couple that is teaching businessmen, managers and celebrities how to be through their method of revaluating the human individuality real rockstars in their industry.

What makes an excellent leader?

Companies live or die on leadership, and whether they are big or small, leadership should be something that is sacred to each business.We define excellent leaders, based upon how good one is at creating other leaders. In fact, extraordinary leaders are defined by two areas: their values and their behaviours. We see leadership as someone who is present to their problems, accountable for the results, clear, powerful in influencing a system and balanced in their ability to sustain the system. When we work with leaders either at our companies or at companies we mentor, we work with them on many dimensions, but essentially the more holistically integrated they are the more ability they have to influence a system. There is a rule in leadership that the thing that has the most range and flexibility will have the greatest influence over the system. Overall we look at influence of a system to be the most critical indicator of leadership, but influence is made up of several domains. Whether we are having them increase the distinctions of awareness, trust, energy, etc, leadership is a flexible tool box combination of the ability to occupy different ways of being to fit any situation with the right state of being.

What is the secret to success in business and everyday life?

We are going to answer this from the perspective of what makes a successful life while you are running a business. Today we run a global business together as husband and wife. So it creates an added complexity. In fact, how to run a successful business and a successful life has a lot of resonance. So the first rule we live by is that whatever we do is to follow our heart and our passion. We focus on building our businesses from a deep sense of our calling. The second important principle we work by is alignment. We rarely move important decisions forward without being aligned on them. Now that’s a bit of a function of the size of businesses we run, but at our companies, we still believe that alignment is critical for having a harmonious experience. This gives a very real, authentic and clear environment where we can thrive and create from. We believe in really unfiltered raw feedback and communication so we can progress and move powerfully through challenges.

excellence magazing mentoring

Who is your mentor? Why did you choose him?

We have several mentors, as life has many different dimensions. We have had many mentors over our lives as well always engaging deeply with one in a dimension of life until that relationship seemed to run its course. Before we can answer who our Mentor is, we need to clarify the difference between a mentor, a coach and a consultant. All of these types of people have made a major impact in our lives. A mentor is someone who has been there before you and done what you want to do. This is different than a consultant who is valuable because of some specialised knowledge that they share with another person. Finally a coach works on the way you think and your mindset approach to a strategy. We have had many mentors and coaches over the years, and have enjoyed the incredible leaps and changes that come with someone who is a trained professional helping you have breakthroughs. Some coaches have worked with us on our money, our business strategy, our health, our relationship and even just helping release old patterning from our past. The power of mentors and coaches is to have a mirror and a guide, which saves us time and allows us to evolve our thinking and life faster. Time is so precious and when we have help from someone to provide great answers and great questions, it makes the process of anything much smoother. The power of mentors and coaches is to have a mirror and a guide, which saves us time and allows us to evolve our thinking and life faster. Time is so precious and when we have help from someone to provide great answers and great questions, it makes the process of anything much smoother.Currently, it just happens that we are working mentors that have less to do with our business, and more to do with the dimensionality of our relationship, spirituality and emotional growth. We had spent almost 20 years with business mentors, world class strategists, language influence and neuro experts, financial psychologists, etc. Now we are enjoying working with relationship experts, conscious leadership coaches, spiritual gurus, etc. It continues to open up new pathways for us to consider ourselves and the world. We see human consciousness as a never ending onion that has the capability to endlessly peel to the next level.

You met and worked with many celebrities, who was the one who impressed you the most and why?

We think Richard Branson has been most impressive. Specifically it’s amazing to see such an accomplished man who is so dimensional. He’s quite humble which has always been a great role model for us – to see that humility in wealth. But he is also someone who likes to make a big splash in the media with a very flamboyant personality. Also, he manages and is very comfortable with very big situations in business, as the companies he is part of are globally impacting businesses. He is also very focused on lifestyle and having fun and balance while he continues to profit. We too have adopted the whole “lifestyle” focus at Industry Rockstars – and we allow all our staff to pretty much do what they want as long as they can hit the targets that we have set out for them. Richard has also had a very strong focus on charity and contribution and that has driven a lot of our love of partnering with charities and helping their causes over the years.

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Fraport AG inaugurates Open Air Deck, an incredible terrace made of HI-MACS®

Fraport AG inaugurates Open Air Deck, an incredible terrace made of HI-MACS®

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The green summer by Jetclass

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