Go Big or Go Home: bold Interior Design ideas

One of the rules that are considered to be a mandatory breach in the world of interior design, is to break the rules and take a risk? Inspire yourself with these ideas only suitable for daring spirits capable of making decisions without fear.

This works like that, you have a good idea and you’re afraid to materialize it because “What if it does not look good? What if it’s too late?” We want to encourage and show you the most daring side of design and let your creativity fly to create outstanding spaces, original and with your own signature style.

Be inspired by unique home decor ideas from the best interior designers and try to take a risk in your next decor.

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This is a fantastic way to create statement entrance. Sasha Bikoff ‘s colorful staircase prove that you don’t need to be boring. The New York born interior designer used the shape and scale to create a celebration of Memphis style. First she devised a custom carpet whose “trippy” patterns are echoed in three colorfully wallpapers, then she pulled out colors from the patterns and painted them onto the ceiling to create a rainbow effect.
[Photography by Nickolas Sargent]

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A demonstration of both imagination and strong design skills, combined exceptional craftsmanship, the Monochrome expresses a leading edge outlook though it’s distinct shape and color.

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Pink and tropical!
The dining room design by Virginia Gasch reflects a bold attitude without loosing the girly charm.
[Photography by Gray Crawford]

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