Harry Baldissera: Paciu Maison

A house that is itself a great work of art.

Harry Baldissera is an eclectic artist who founded Paciu Maison, a large farmhouse in the Bologna countryside which is both an art studio and a place of cultural planning where workshops, performances and artist residencies are organised.

La Paciu Maison is a house-work of art in Ponte Rizzoli, in the province of Bologna. Its founder, Harry Baldissera, a very young artist who does not want to reveal his age, lives there. It is a place dedicated to art in all its forms. The spaces open to the public to give visitors an experience in these unusual and colorful places. Built over several floors, each room, stairway or corridor is designed to engage the viewer.

The building, while maintaining the historic aspect of the farmhouse, acquires a new dimension in which everyday space is transformed into art.

The Paciu Maison project at Ponte Rizzoli

Paciu Maison was born as an artist residence of its founder, who moved to this space in 2016. Four years later, the artistic project that makes the house an eclectic place open to all comes to life. The house becomes a living work of art, which can be visited every weekend guided by Harry Baldissera.

The rooms of Paciu Maison

The Maison gives many visual suggestions. The rooms, very different from each other, maintain their functionality but become large paintings without a frame in which to let yourself be carried away by the colors and shapes. The house wants to offer the viewer an emotional journey, with the idea of helping him to reconnect and rediscover his inner world.

The spaces are called rooms, and each has a particular focus. We pass from the Mask Room where you are surrounded by jackets, scarves, ties and mirrors, a place where you can decide which mask to wear for that day and which invites you to reflect on this theme, up to the Convivium Room, a space with a table, a sofa, many books and a typewriter: a place that invites you to share moments and thoughts.





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