Ing. Pietro Piccinetti: Fiera Roma, a structure that generates value

Interview with the General Manager and CEO of Fiera Roma, Ing. Pietro Piccinetti

Interview with the General Manager and CEO of Fiera Roma, Ing. Pietro Piccinetti

Well found we returned with the interviews of Excellence Magazine in the company of Anita Lo Mastro, Senior Advisor for the internationalization of the Excellence platform.

Today we have with us a guest of excellence, the DG and the Sole Administrator of the Fiera di Roma, engineer Pietro Piccinetti.

I thank you, for this great opportunity that you give me, I am happy because excellence is a pleasant element. The fairs are an excellence because as the Italian sector we are the 4th power in the world after the United States, China and Germany both for square meters sold and for visitors and exhibitors, but above all for the level of internationalization that we bring. Consider that 50% of exports go to us and also consider that for 85% of companies we are the only tool for internationalization.

There will really be an added value that Fiera di Roma has, not so much compared to other similar Italian organizations, but as to those present abroad.

As soon as we arrived we realized, together with my collaborators, that Fiera di Roma is unique because it fits within an urban context with respect to which there is total osmosis; for our structure, the decorum of the areas adjacent to ours and an effective connection with the city are essential.

Besides, those who would not want to come to Rome, everyone in the collective imagination would like to come to the Eternal City.

What is necessary for a Fair to function in all respects?

Not only is the skill of a manager or his professionalism, a unity of purpose by all StakeHolders is also needed: from the municipality to the region, from institutions to trade associations, to guarantee innovation, internationalization, events serving the territorial economy.

The exhibition center of the capital requested an agreement in continuity at the end of 2015 and with my appointment, the structure inaugurated a precise change of course.
I must say that there is a communion of intent for the revival of this very important structure that generates wealth.

How important is the personality of a General Director, you have from your polish, courage and resourcefulness.

I always start from the idea that nothing is done alone.
Obviously, ideas, determination and commitment are needed to bring the exhibition center to the international scene. Everything must be shared with the collaborators, whom I always try to thank for the contribution they provide.

Being a leader today also means being a point of reference and making a team, bringing out the best in your collaborators.

Anita Lo Mastro, is there a question you would like to ask our guest?
It is direct and clear, can we think of a path between Fiera di Roma and Excellence as a promotion and internationalization of Made in Italy?

I can only answer yes, our strategic plan provides for a road that passes through internationalization!
Rome cannot be international, absolutely yes.

Can you explain the role of associations in your path?

I represent two AF and Feder-Congressi councils which is an example of the most beautiful and important part of our tourism. The tourism sector is really important for Italy generates 13% of GDP and 15% of employment and is continuously growing; the most important and significant aspect is given by congresses, conferences and conventions.

Internationalization and business are among the keywords that I have always used as an engineer and which, obviously, constitute the ideal recipe for the health of Fiera Roma.
Unfortunately, the capital is 22nd in the world ranking as a congress host city.

Rome doesn’t deserve it, Rome should be in the top five. We are all struggling together at the Convention bureau and together with all the hotels and actors of the Meets industry to bring Rome to the 3rd or 4th level.

Anita Lo Mastro, I leave you the honor of the ritual request that closes our meetings.

The ritual question we ask all our guests: what is excellence for you?

It’s an easy answer. For me, excellence is competence, knowing what you say, what you do, and above all predicting certain things, this only guarantees you the preparation !!

article by Camilla Nata

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