ITHIC, two days in Rimini dedicated to the hospitality industry

The 2021 edition of ITHIC, Italian Hospitality Investment Conference, the international conference dedicated to the hospitality sector in Italy, closed yesterday.

Teamwork and its Chairman Mauro Santinato expertly managed the two days that saw leading speakers alternating on the stage who outlined the state of the hotel industry, a sector that was heavily affected by the crisis caused by the Covid pandemic.

On the afternoon of 11 October at the Congress Center of the Grand Hotel in Rimini, there were many topics covered by the economist Yanis Varoufakis, Tito Boeri professor of economics at Bocconi University, Chema Basterrechea President of EMEA, Willemijn Geels Vice President Development Europe of IHG Hotel and Resort and Xavier Grange senior vice President Development Southern Europe of Accord.

The panel, which was coordinated by Sebastiano Barisoni Deputy Executive Director of Radio 24, addressed the issues and timing of the economic recovery, both from the point of view of our country, and offering an international vision thanks to the guests who brought their experience and their vantage point.

Common thought, the need to offer adequate services to meet the new needs of customers who express a strong desire to return to travel while expecting a tourism industry capable of offering more sustainable solutions, high quality and safety standards also in terms of technology innovative and digital solutions.

The issue of sustainability was also the subject of discussion on the second day of the ITIC, as well as the need expressed by the speakers who alternated on the stage of the Rimini Congress Center, to face the changes that the new target customers require in a decisive way. more and more.

It thus becomes necessary to correctly segment needs and expectations in order to offer adequate services that meet the needs of families, those traveling alone, and those who expect their holiday to be a truly tailor-made experience.

This is the case of the Millennials, who are increasingly attentive to green issues and the protection of the planet, to the reduction of the use of plastic materials and to the control of waste, who expect to find accommodation facilities that share their values.

The issues related to new business models and the opportunity to use the structures in a hybrid way, offering services to different targets, were addressed.

Important intervention on investment opportunities and prospects offered by the Italian market, as well as the responses of banking and financial operators in support of the hotel industry also in view of the expected contributions of the PNRR.

On the event website it is possible to find all the information on the contents and speakers who attended this edition of the ITHIC Italian Hospitality Investment Conference in Rimini

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