J. Lesquendieu at Esxence 2018

Since 1903, our continued reputation is based on offering only the finest product. To accomplish this, J. Lesquendieu perfumes and scented candles are entirely hand made in French workshops. In 2015, the revival of J.Lesquendieu was initiated by one of the founder’s grandsons who grew up in this family of perfumers and acquired the family values at a young age. Today J. Lesquendieu maintains a high profile in the beauty industry. As a family-owned company the quest for excellence is of the utmost importance. The approach remains unchanged since the 1900’s. There is no limit placed on the creativity of our perfumer whose inspiration plays a major role in the development of a new fragrance. Our creations are still crafted from the finest materials found predominantly in nature to continue offering a rare gem of a fragrance. Learn more about our bold and sensual “crossover” line of fine French fragrances launched in 2016, our scented candles introduced in 2017 and be the first to discover our first fragrance in a new line available this year.

Visit the J. Lesquendieu international team at booth number S59, ESXENCE 2018 – The Mall Milano – April 5 to 8, 2018.



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