kiklos architects – Bringing Elegance and Simplicity to the Heart of Luxury Architecture

A special differentiation in the work of kiklos architects is the studio’s ability to develop a project from pre-concept to minor finishing details

The UAE-based boutique architectural design studio kiklos architects was founded in 2020. However, success and recognition were not long in coming, and already two years later, the firm’s name has become a symbol of quality and excellence for  sophisticated clients who value elaborated designs and functional architecture. Industry experts couldn’t stay away either, and this year, kiklos architects has the honor of being recognized as the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Boutique Architect Design Services in Dubai, UAE.

Today, kiklos architects is known as a reliable provider of comprehensive architectural design consultancy services for commercial, hospitality, and luxury residential projects. Heading this boutique studio is Grammatiki Zamani, the company’s founder and principal architect.

Grammatiki was born in Greece, where she graduated with a Master’s degree from the National Technical University of Athens, at the School of Architecture and Engineering. Subsequently, she worked as an architect engineer on commercial and hospitality projects in Athens. This was followed by a move to the UAE in 2013 and working on several projects as a consulting architect.

With her extensive professional background and experience in different platforms, Grammatiki takes a holistic approach to company projects based on the principles of elegance and simplicity. Her unique style is a result of the influence of traditional Greek architecture, modernism, Japanese and contemporary architecture. It is important for her to use all the possibilities and tools of design and architecture in order to perfectly fulfill all the client’s aspirations. Together with her team, Grammatiki applies innovative and unique solutions to provide optimally designed spaces.

A special differentiation in the work of kiklos architects is the studio’s ability to develop a project from pre-concept to minor finishing details. Creating projects from scratch or carrying out major repurposing of spaces allow Grammatiki Zamani and her entire team to take full control of all phases of the work and ensure impeccable quality in every aspect. From the choice of materials to the interior design and fine details, kiklos architects create distinctive pieces of art that are also comfortable functional spaces to work or live in.

Each of the projects by kiklos architects is distinguished by its amazing attention to detail and competent use of all the peculiarities of space. By painstakingly working out every inch of the structure, Grammatiki Zamani creates a special atmosphere of space that evokes positive emotions from users and enhances their daily life experience.

Another integral part of kiklos architects rests on its commitment towards the Environment, People and Society and to high standards of Governance and Business Ethics. As signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, they are committed to developing and promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices and policies, and to report on their implementation and outcomes for thebusiness, stakeholders and society.

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