Korantina Homes – Leaders in Shaping Lavish Homes and Developing World-class Real Estate

Korantina Homes has an admirable list of exclusive services that they offer their international client base

Korantina Homes was established in the 1990’s and has become one of the most dynamic and fast-growing real estate developers in Cyprus, with a solid, carefully honed reputation in their industry. The impressive company has, in 2022, won two noteworthy Luxury Lifestyle Awards, for Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Cyprus and Best Luxury Residential Development for Soho Resort in Cyprus.

Korantina Homes has an admirable list of exclusive services that they offer their international client base. Their specialties include immigration, luxury property development, Cyprus property development, real estate investment, real estate development, luxury living, luxury resort development, luxury hotel development, and luxury investment properties. They focus on Cyprus property sales, Cyprus permanent residency, and leasing residential real estate.

Korantina Homes

Korantina Homes is known for serving each client and their personal preferences, needs, and requirements, offering countless ways to indulge in a luxurious and diverse lifestyle for the whole family. They use only the finest materials and the most efficient procedures with in-house engineers, architects, interior designers, and technical support, and attentively work on every step of every project, from beginning to end. Valued customers have come to know Korantina Homes to be consistently reliable and efficient.

Korantina Homes has, over the years become Cyprus’ prestigious land and real estate developer focusing on designing and creating luxury residential properties, 5-star hotels, and world-class resorts. The company’s strong team provide clients with innovative solutions and take care to establish strong relationships with everyone that they work with.

Korantina Homes’ dedicated sales team use their combined industry knowledge and experience to provide their clients with a detail-oriented service that is second to none. Everything they do is based on professionalism, integrity, transparency, and knowledge of the local market. Korantina Homes has an extensive network in the business community, making them the best partner for real estate investment.

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The company has achieved many international awards, leading the Cyprus Real Estate market with flagship projects such as Cap St Georges Hotel & Resort, Coral Residences, and Soho Resort.

Soho Resort is a unique residential resort and a celebrated Paphos landmark located at the city’s most privileged waterfront location. It consists of 2 high-rise buildings, with the east tower still being under construction. The project will feature apartments, villas, and shops. High-quality materials and finishes take over the interior, and the residents will be able to enjoy the best sea views, views of the harbour and its charming castle, the energetic city, and magical sunsets.


The residences will feature a gym, a spa, a swimming pool, sports facilities, a park, a playground, and stunning gardens, and the resort will be surrounded by luxury hotels, nightlife, schools, universities, and many hidden gems that are waiting to be unveiled.

Korantina Homes are passionate about investing in the future and playing their socially responsible role. They believe that real estate is about building communities, which is why they have so many initiatives that give back, especially within their community of Paphos.

Korantina Homes is certainly deserved of their Luxury Lifestyle Awards and continue to be a company to follow, breaking ground in the luxury real estate industry, worldwide, by carefully selecting prime locations, providing top-class services, and designing ultramodern residences.

Visit Korantina Homes’ website to learn more about this established company at https://korantinahomes.com/


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