The harvest has begun… Montenapoleone district is already in a ferment for the event of the year

Record forecasts and an excellent year for Italian wines. “La Vendemmia”, one of the most highly anticipated event promoted by Montenapoleone District, will return for its 9th year in Milan’s Fashion District from 8 to 14 October. The event is preceded by the beginning of the wine season throughout Italy. Coldiretti’s forecast for 2018 outlines an increase in the overall production between 10%-20% with approximately 46/47 million hectoliters versus the 40 million of the past year. The forecasts are record-breaking and an excellent year for Italian wines is expected.

The fruits of previous harvests can be savoured during the event conceived and promoted by MonteNapoleone District in partnership with the Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia with the aim of bringing together top international luxury brands and leading Italian and international wineries, with the participation of the city’s best restaurants and 5-star luxury hotels. At this exclusive event, renowned names in the fashion, wine, restaurant and hotel industries come together to create the most exhilarating week of the Milanese autumn.

Guglielmo Miani, President of MonteNapoleone District, which today represents over one hundred and fifty of the world’s biggest Global Luxury Brands, states with satisfaction: “We have created a unique event that combines fashion and wine, two pillars of made in Italy excellence, and which has enjoyed increasing success year after year. The event will be repeated in Rome again this year, and as a result of a cooperation agreement with Nanjing Xi Road following the November 2017 preview, we will be organizing La Vendemmia in its complete format in Shanghai’s premier luxury shopping street in 2019 to give locals a taste of Italian lifestyle. Here in Milan, however, the idea is to make the event more inclusive, and so for this ninth year we have enhanced the programme by also involving Via della Spiga and the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, as well as the city’s best hotels and restaurants”.

For the entire week, locals and tourists will have the opportunity to book lunch and dinner, at a special price, at some of the most renowned restaurants in the centre of Milan offering the “La Vendemmia” menu. Milan’s luxury 5-star hotels will also offer exclusive wine experiences as part of their Five Star Luxury Hotels – “La Vendemmia” packages that include a VIP Pass for the Opening Evening and related events.

Over one hundred and ten MonteNapoleone District associate boutiques in via Montenapoleone, Verri, Sant’Andrea, Santo Spirito, Borgospesso, Gesù and Bagutta will offer their customers a unique experience. To make “La Vendemmia” even more inclusive and more significant for the city, this year, for the first time, the event will also include a number of boutiques belonging to the “Amici di via della Spiga” association. While still remaining exclusively “by invitation”, the event wants to open up to the city, and at the same promote Milan internationally as a city able to systemize cooperation with an innovative, across the board approach.

excellence magazine vendemmia 2018 milano montenapoleone discrtictexcellence magazine vendemmia 2018 milano montenapoleone discrtict

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