The soul of Agnona

With Simon Holloway’s deep respect and love for Italian quality and design, Agnona embraces its Italian heritage and culture of style.

Our first question is: can you describe Agnona brand in three words?
Noble. Timeless. Stylish

What did you bring about yourself and which novelties did you introduce in the Agnona collections from your entry to the company?
Agnona is everything that I love about fashion: impeccable quality and craftsmanship with a legacy of great style. It has been my intention to embrace the fashion history of Agnona while innovating with a style that is contemporary and relevant and very much for a woman of today.

What will be the must-have items of your S/S 2018 collection?
The collection is modern, minimal and rigorously detailed, with a slight nod to the great American sportswear masters yet always with an Agnona point of view. Must have items for Spring 2018 would be a Coat made in our finest Double Face Century Cashmere. These are collectors items, entirely made by hand. Also the fine gauge featherweight Cashmere knots are amazing and all of the sportswear separates made in Wool Poplin – a fabric that is crisp, cool and easy to wear.

Where do you get inspiration for your work?
I use the archive as a starting point to my inspiration each season. I’m also lucky to live in London and privileged to be able to enjoy amazing cultural and artistic experiences. For Spring 2018, I was struck by a painting called “American Collectors” (Fred and Marcia Weisman) a 1968 piece by David Hockney, I re-imagined Marcia Weisman’s pink coat cut from Agnona’s finest Double Face Cashmere. For the Fall 2017, part of the mood for the collection came from a photo of Halston on the roof of the Agnona mill wearing a beautiful taupe suit in the late 1970s.

Cashmere is a precious fiber, which is your feelings working on it?
Working with all of the Agnona Noble fibres is really a gift. The White Cashmere – only the pale and most precious fibres – is the ultimate luxury. The Suri Alpaca we work with had the most exquisite and inspiring palette. And the finest Merino wools and Kid Mohair are truly
the most elevated fabrics that I have ever worked with. These fabrics are the pinnacle of timeless luxury.

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