Gandola’s Hair Spa


With unparalleled attention to detail and refinement, Gandola Studio stands a head above other hair salons. Here, treatments are carefully studied and tailor-made to fit the needs of every client. In addition, the studio is known for its signature service: the Hair Spa.

Gandola tapped into the expertise of a Japanese supplier, Takara, to purchase the exclusive Yume salon chair: a luxurious, inviting model that’s comfortable even for those with neck pain. To truly live one’s best life, every so often we all need a bit of rest and relaxation, a pause from frenetic schedules, work, and everyday worries. Regenerative, stimulating and restorative, the treatment offered at Gandola Studio helps the body to relax completely.

An expert in energetic Ayurvedic Pranic massage tends to customers by providing relaxation techniques, all within a private room complete with aromatherapy, colour therapy and crystal healing accoutrements. Following this exclusive treatment, customers feel refreshed and rejuvenated as the body’s energy has been balanced, with a pervading sense of peace and inner gratification.

Gandola’s Hair Spa is celebrated not only for its relaxing qualities, but also for the contributions it has made in advancing the hair revitalisation process. Impurities are removed, improving hair from the first session. This is possible thanks to the use of water that has been enriched with carbon dioxide, which creates optimal physiological conditions for easily enjoying the beneficial, rejuvenating benefits of natural springs. Inspired by Japanese traditions, the Hair Spa treatment relaxes the scalp thanks to thermal waters, improving micro-circulation.

Wellness and reinvigorated hair, the perfect duo, only at Gandola Studio.

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