Lugano illuminated by the Angels of Gandola

Gandola Studio, a prestigious Lugano-based hair salon, is a space devoted to the beauty of the whole family, from parents to little ones. On Saturday 2nd December, the salon organised a truly unique event for the benefit of the town and its inhabitants. More than thirty girls dressed up as angels, together with out-of-this-world performers, danced through the streets of Lugano, from Via Peri to the Salone, then heading to Piazza Riforma before making a spectacular entrance in Piazza Dante in front of the Manor.

Accompanying them was Natasha Stefanenko, an internationally renowned showgirl, who was the special guest of the evening. The little angels were accompanied by celestial music and lights as they waved to everybody who stopped to watch them. “The Angels of Gandola” really lit up the town, making it even more Christmassy. Giorgio Gandola, owner of Gandola Studio, really pushed for the event as he wanted to give the town a moment of carefree happiness. For Gandola Studio, Christmas is all about light, about the return of light, about wishing good things for the year to come. It is a celebration of happiness and harmony.

Two companies were the main partners at the event: Garage Cencini, the Lugano-based BMW dealer that has been collaborating with Gandola Studio for many years; and La Biosthetique Paris, a global leader in hair care and top-end products, which supports the salon’s every initiative.

A number of other companies sponsored event:

  • Swisscolor, so much more than a pigment producer
  • GymTonic, the gym in the centre of Lugano
  • SurfUP, a network of freelancers offering communication, marketing and sales services
  • L’Osteria Odeon, located in central Lugano on Via Peri
  • RB supplies for hair dressers, beauticians and caterers
  • TMT Cosmetics
  • Vini Delea

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