Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014: the Best in Luxury in Russia

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an international Award granted to the companies in luxury segment for their initiatives and outstanding achievements. Companies and brands of luxury class participate in the contest in different categories.

The Russian luxury sphere awarded its most important and valuable players. This year the Award has united 17 different categories of the Russian luxury market. An Organizing Committee has also established 5 new nominations: Luxury esthetic clinic, Interior design studio, Catering service, Night club and Country club. Emergence of the new categories proclaims the growth of the Russian luxury market, even despite the complicated economic realities.

Every winner was awarded with a Golden Crown from Italian jewellery brand Faraone Mennella and received an autographed certificate of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 in the recognition of his undeniable excellence.

“All nominees have displayed a superlative approach and dedication to delivering the highest quality of products and services in an arena that demands no less than the best and are fully deserving of all merits,” said Richard Crawford, the host of the awards.

“The true value of winning such an esteemed award is the acknowledgment and respect by colleagues and peers of the perseverance and devotion essential to providing the ultimate in luxury experience.”

The Winners of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 Russia:

 Regarding Europe, the winners of professional luxury lifestyle awards 2014 are:


Riva Antonio Caccia, 7 6900 Lugano, Switzerland Tel

Hotel Royal Champagne, luxury and wine tourism in the heart of France

Hotel Royal Champagne, luxury and wine tourism in the heart of France

Former Inn which belonged to the Mercier family and then the Moët et Chandon

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