Literary Month 2017 – The View Lugano

Enrico Vanzina is the eldest son of the director and screenwriter Steno and his wife Maria Teresa Nati, and also the brother of director and producer Carlo Vanzina. He attended the Lycée Chateaubriand in Rome and through his career has won many awards, including the Grolla D’oro, the De Sica Award, the Flaiano Prize, the Nastro dArgento, the Charlot Award, the Telegatto and the America della Fondazione Italia USA award.

He has also produced many television programs, including the series I ragazzi della 3C (1987-1989), Amori (1989), Anni ‘50 (1998), Anni ‘60 (1999) and Un ciclone in famiglia (2005-2008).

From 1990 to 1991 he was general adviser and chief of the Mario and Vittorio Cecchi Gori Film production company Penta.
He is the author of the theatrical comedy Bambini cattivi staged by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, and also published the novels Colazione da Bulgari (Salerno Editrice)La vita è buffa (Gremese), Le finte bionde and Una famiglia italiana (Mondadori), Commedia all’italiana, Il gigante sfregiato and Il mistero del rubino birmano (Newton Compton).
He worked for five years with the newspaper Corriere della Sera and since 1998 has worked on a weekly column for the newspaper Il Messaggero.

One day, the Roman detective, Max Mariani, receives a visit from Helmut Moreno, an arrogant teenager with the attitude of a big boss. Helmut reveals, that his mother has hired someone to kill him. He offers Max ten thousand dollars to find the killer and hand him over. Max accepts the job but a few hours later he is visited by an armed man who steals the money and threatens to kill him. As the man leaves the apartment he is shot dead on the landing, and the money disappears. To add a further complication – which triggers police investigations – Helmut Moreno is also killed. At this point, Max Mariani decides he should get to the bottom of the plot: he leaves for Trieste to meet Helmut’s mother, Ursula Koch, a beautiful woman with magnetic appeal. It does not take long for passion to explode between the two.
But Ursula is an ambiguous woman, and so are the people that surround her… Who is she really? And what is she hiding? And above all, what does she know about her son’s death?

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