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Japanese traditional culture spread throughout the world.

MANAKA aspires to preserve Japanese traditional culture and skills for the future generations through the creation of new things, bringing together traditional elements and techniques in collaboration with craftsmen and designers from Japan. The brand focuses on “kimono” as a material epitomizing Japan’s ancient wisdom to “make full use of precious silk, a blessing given by the mother nature.” In deep respect for the traditional value to treasure “nature, things, and events” forming the core of the traditional culture, we also strive to create and express the connection between the nature and people through our works.

®MANAKA – Model: Hiro Nishiuchi, Photographer: Chiaki Oshima

The dress uses Tango Chirimen (silk crepe) in the pattern. Tango Chirimen is a product of Kyoto, where silk textiles have been produced for over 1300 years. Today, Tango area is the biggest producer of silk textiles in Japan. While there are different places across the world known for silk products, Tango outstands in terms of excellent texture and quality.

The secret behind the significant difference in silk quality is the “water” used in the refining process. The region’s excellent water quality enables the production of silk fabrics with melty-soft touch. Through innovations and relentless improvement efforts in response to the quality standards established for kimono textiles, Tango Chirimen has further evolved into a textile with a texture like no other. A skilled dyer running a workshop dedicated to Tango Chirimen in Tango, Kyoto for over 35 years carefully dyes each textile to ensure the finishing quality. “Tango Blue” fabric is the first time has been used for a dress/clothes. “Tango Blue” is the infinite and unique color of the Tango ocean, north of Kyoto.

Quality silk poncho designed by MANAKA

Not just dress but ponchos and scarves too. There are two types of ponchos – one made with upcycled vintage kimono fabrics, and the other with original Tango Chirimen fabric, both using premium silk. The V-shaped cut in the back is designed to make the back look beautiful. The design inspired by haori (kimono robe) has a unisex appeal, looking great both with daily jeans and casual kimono wear.

The scarf, made of tango Chirimen (100% silk), utilizes fabrics used for obiage (obi adjuster). “Silken touch” and “excellent dye” emphasizing the unique gloss of silk unattainable with ordinary silk textile create the rich shades. Each of the MANAKA scarfs, taking inspirations from natural spectacles in different seasons (the ocean of Tango in the sunset, cherry flowers floating on water surface, mid-autumn full moon), is carefully hand-dyed and therefore different from each other. Each scarf is one of a kind.

Dyeing craftsman: Tomohisa Kobayashi
®MANAKA – Dyeing craftsman: Tomohisa Kobayashi

Kaga YUBINUKI is a craftwork born in Kanazawa (then Kaga) during Genroku period of Edo era. The beautiful pattern is the product of exquisite small patterns created by carefully overlapped silk yarns. The mysterious, jewellike gloss can be achieved only by silk yarns.

Finally the MANAKA’s Heel GETA is made by craftsmen carefully handcrafting each pair. Traditional Japanese sandals (geta) have no left or right differences and are completely flat.

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