Manuka Honey in the Spotlight, for all the Best Reasons 

Manuka honey is produced from bees pollinating the Manuka plant, which only flowers for up to 6 weeks, native to New Zealand and East Australia. This makes it incredibly rare

Not only famous around the world for their Māori Haka war dance, and All Blacks rugby team, but this special part of the world is also set apart for its Manuka honey. New Zealand truly is a land of globally loved treasures! Budding new to the market, is Manuka Royale, a Manuka honey producer of the highest esteem.

Manuka Royale home Creamed Manuka Honey

So high in fact, that they have been named the ‘Best Luxury Honey in the World, 2021’, by the illustrious Luxury Lifestyle Awards. With such a gigantic title to its name, we set out to discover just what it is that has earned the fan-following of one of the globe’s most coveted awards.

Honey, the food of the gods, has been a prized food and medicinal source since ancient days. Its legacy, mystery and acclaim is celebrated across cultures and continents. Manuka honey is produced from bees pollinating the Manuka plant, which only flowers for up to 6 weeks, native to New Zealand and East Australia. This makes it incredibly rare. What makes this distinctive from regular honey, in terms of flavour profile, is that it has an earthy minerality and slightly bitter taste. It’s also darker and creamier in appearance and texture. A new honey sensation.

Manuka Royale Apple and Rhubarb Pie

But there’s more to magical manuka honey than its unique palate, and that is it’s medicinal qualities. It’s highly sought-after as a healing aid and for its nutritious powerhouse. Science was given the task of establishing what makes this honey so much more than others. And the answer is scientifically confirmed, that it boasts a special bioactive compound that’s not found in any other honey source. This compound is called Methylglyoxal (MGO). The higher the levels of the non-peroxide activity MGO, the healthier it is.

It’s clear we’re dealing with an exceptional natural food source, but what about Manuka Royale? What makes them so exceptional? To start, it was founded by two very special and accomplished people: Two olympic athletes, Wojtek and Elena Brambilla. After their champion accomplishments, they set sail around the world. This afforded them the opportunity to be inspired, to dream, and to sharpen their vision. And the Manuka Royale concept was born.

Manuka Royale Award

A strong desire for healthy living, producing life-giving and products that heal the world, uplifting their local communities and protecting the earth while doing so were paramount. With sustainability as one of the bedrock values, Manuka Royale developed on this founding principle and feature:

– It is the single most food source that’s produced without killing or harming animals or plants.

– UMF certified honey of the highest standard was sourced from local, nearby farms.

– The production process of Manuka honey is naturally kind to the environment, with low-carbon output and being completely non-pollutant.

– Close proximity to the local beekeeping farms meant a lower carbon footprint in the overall production operation.

– Thanks to their time on the ocean, which inspired them to use BPA-free jars that were manufactured from ocean plastic waste.

– They also incentivize bulk orders for international shipping, furthering their green eco-friendly activities.

Turning to the quality of Manuka Royale honey, Wojtek and Elena have sourced honey from only the untouched, pristine wilderness areas that offer unmatched soil mineral content. This impacts the levels of sought-after nutritional compounds such as methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and leptosperin. As many already know, over-processing or just processing can be detrimental to nutrient values. For this reason, minimal processing is applied to their honey, ensuring the beneficial compounds and healthy enzymes are preserved. With full UMF certification (this validates the levels of methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and leptosperin) that identify the product range within their respective levels – this boosts confidence in what consumers are buying, ingesting or applying.

Manuka Royale - Facial cleanser

Another amazing feature is being able to trace the source of your specific jar of honey. This will provide you with information as to which variety and origin honey you have, including its nutritional composition. Simply enter the unique batch number of your product, into their website ‘Trace’ section, and it will return your result!

Shoppers delight when selecting from two of their premium luxury honey products: Creamed Manuka Honey (with varying levels of UMF as added options) and their Truffle Manuka Honey. These are authentic gourmet products that also make an impressive gift to any foodies you may know and love.

Truffle Manuka Honey

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