Mario Rimoldi Collection

Prof. Arch. Ph.D. Gian Camillo Custoza, previously a lecturer in the Master’s course for the Management of the Artistic and Cultural Resources of Rome at the Free University of Languages and Communication IULM and scientific consultant of the Rimoldi Modern Art Museum in Cortina d’Ampezzo, presents the Mario Rimoldi Collection, a cultural gem of global importance.

Fortunato Depero, Nucleo emotivo (capogiro), 1946, 83×55 – Regole d’Ampezzo

The Mario Rimoldi collection held in the homonymous modern art museum in Cortina d’Ampezzo, will include some essential masterpieces by Savinio, Garbari, Depero, Guttuso, and others, as well as some significant pieces which are fundamental in the exploration of works by De Pisis, Sironi, De Chirico, Semeghini, Tomea, Tosi and Campigli. This collection is the result of the careful assembly of artworks over a period of fifty years, and constitutes one of the most significant collections in Italy of 20th century art. Indeed, it is made up of 364 different works, including paintings, graphic designs and sculptures of cultural importance, making it a collection of exceptional interest as per article 10 paragraph 3 letter e) of Legislative Decree N.42/2004 “Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape”, as amended by Legislative Decree N.156/2006.
This collection is also very significant for the fundamental links which it has with Cortina d’Ampezzo and Veneto. This connection is expressed both by the artists represented and through the art works themselves.

The Rimoldi collection should be explored first and foremost within its own specific context, bearing in mind the aesthetic ideal which distinguishes these works as well as the specific taste of Mario Rimoldi.

The overall framework provides a view of the evolution of the various works inherent to the story of the 20th-century aesthetic. On offer is an in-depth look at 20th century painting – an extensive exploration, without any thematic or stylistic overlap, characterised by an abundantly rich variety thanks to an impossibly long list of artworks to fascinate and enthral the viewer with cultural heritage of exceptionally high quality. This wondrous Ampezzo-based collection offers the viewer the remarkable opportunity of enjoying a series of works associated with the key aesthetics of 20th-century art, brought together under one roof.

Giorgio de Chirico, nudo coricato (sera d’estate), oil on canvas, 84×65 – Regole d’Ampezzo

The works collected here are exquisite, and are culturally connected to works in the other collections in the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum, which are outstanding both in terms of quantity and quality. An endless list of artworks is waiting to be discovered at the Casa delle Regole in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

by Prof. Gian Camillo Custoza

Renato Guttuso, Zolfatara, 1953, olio su tela, 201,5x311cm
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