Martini Mobili presents its new tables and chairs

Innovative and impactful: customisation down to the smallest detail moves beyond the kitchen into the dining room with Martini Mobili. Tables and chairs – with new takes and new entries – bring a delightful finish to the dining area by adding a hallmark feature to it. This is the room where it’s a must to team function, style and design, in harmony with the other areas in the home. This year, Martini Mobili has launched a new catalogue, dedicated to mix-and-match combinations of tables and padded chairs inspired by the names of the most famous and best-loved actors and actresses, for a dive into the past that opens up new horizons towards the future.

The most convivial environment in the home thus gains tables in fine wood and marble, with a beautifully natural appeal, featuring contrasting metal inserts, both in geometric, linear shapes and with some examples of retro style. The padded chairs create a soft, contemplative atmosphere, thanks to their graceful contours and a mainly neutral, modern colour palette, fabrics and nubuck leather.

Martini Mobili offers tables and chairs for all kitchens, and for the new project launched this year, Essenza, by Arbet Design. In the Essenza proposal, the kitchen is integrated into a complete, contemporary furnishing concept in a transitional mood, with four models: Exotic, coordinated with the Jane stools and the Dustin chairs, in dark brown lacquered material and beige nubuck leather; Numero 05, designed to complement the Eddie stools in diamond grey and beige nubuck leather and the Sean chairs in titanium oak and cognac nubuck leather; Pure, proposed with the Kelly stools and chairs in absolute black lacquered material and Perfect 905 leather; Charme, completed with the Sean chairs in zinc white lacquered material and khaki nubuck leather.

Also presented are four brand-new tables: Roger, with a rosewood top and legs and metal base; Marlon, in brown eucalyptus and marble; Marilyn, in titanium oak, and James, in white lacquered material.

For Martini Mobili, the ability to meet all kinds of requirements and tastes goes hand in hand with the guarantee of timeless, quality workmanship, using techniques that aspire to bring out the very best in the outstanding material, in line with the latest interior design trends.

excellence magazine martini mobili

excellence magazine martini mobili

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