Mercedes-Benz MG GT-S: a star is born

The most recent release features a lengthened engine hood, retracted cabin and large, imposing back end. Dynamic, powerful, sleek and feline-like, it seems to be lurking on the ground and its strength lies in its thrust. These are the characteristics of a sports car by Mercedes-AMG, a car that offers strong emotions, an experience to enjoy while driving a Mercedes AMG GT and Mercedes AMG GT-S. Guests at the event, especially those who are lovers of high-performance sports cars, admired the new Mercedes-Benz hero, which was portrayed as a true star. The wonderful evening, organized in collaboration with Target Management of Chiasso, also hosted a Bulgari stand, whiskey tasting by the excellent Davidoff and its famous cigars, an exhibition of MV Agusta motorcycles, an official partner of AMG, a corner dedicated to Berluti, a leader in the field of leather goods, and the presence of the prestigious international magazine “Excellence”.

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The new luxury code goes digital

The new luxury code goes digital

The digital revolution moves at the same relentless pace as the Web, constantly

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