Michele Miglionico: Madonnas Lucane, dresses that smell of incense

Madonnas Lucane, dresses that smell of incense”is the title of the exhibition set up in the consecrated church of the Purgatory of Matera-Italy, (UNESCO World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture 2019).which saw, with the installation of 30 dresses of Alta Moda, stylist Michele Miglionico telling his tribute to the cult through an eclectic and evocative Marian journey in Basilicata.

The exhibition itinerary is divided into two sections: the venerated Madonnas and the women in procession. In the first there are evening dresses inspired by the various Madonnas venerated in Basilicata like the Madonna del Carmine, the Madonna brought in triumph dressed completely in gold donated as an ex voto, the Madonna della Bruna, patron saint of Matera. In the other, the women who follow the procession, all dressed in black, with the rosary in their hands, according to popular tradition. The multifaceted aspects of the sacredness of the popular tradition of this area are thus explored, underlining its powerful symbolic value. and at the same time celebrate the savoir-faire of Italian high fashion.

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Michele Miglionico closes the circle of this collection returning where everything is ideally started, that is in Matera telling a story with this event that tells a composed femininity, conscious inspired by a moment of great ferment but equally difficult as the post-war South Italy.

Excellence Magazine Michele MiglionicoExcellence Magazine Michele Miglionico

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