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Muranti’s a Portuguese Luxury Furniture Brand that reflects a way of living. Our name is based on a mystery, just like the most precious stones hidden in the rarest places on our planet, where almost no one has access, making them rare and desirable, as well as our brand is. Design is our reason! Each piece reflects our dedication for design. We believe that the elegance and sophistication presented in our brand is timeless. We find our inspiration on those thrills, using the spectacular shapes and/or tones of gemstones, crystals and rocks to create our collection. Each stone is unique by their special color, texture and radiance, such as our products. By choosing Muranti, you will get more than a design piece, you will experience matchless sensations in perfect harmony with your spaces, that suits your personality, just like you deserve.

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All the pieces are 100% made in Portugal by experienced craftsmen. We value the handmade Production, that has been supplanted by industrial production, which makes each piece unique and luxurious.

Limited Edition is a selection of products made with rare materials, a distinct selection of timeless pieces. Inspire yourself by the creativity of our designers and fall in love with the skills and quality of our exceptional craftsmen. Don’t miss any piece of this edition.

Rugs Collection is a collection of handmade rugs inspired by the personality and inner soul of iconic artists. With fresh patterns full of design and stories to tell, this collection will bring a special light to any ambience. Our rugs can be customized in shape, colors and measures to be adapted to your preferences and environments.

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