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Caffe Latte new collection 2024

Caffe Latte high-end solutions for every single room.

The quest for functionality and comfort is an essential goal for Caffe Latte. Whether in living, dining, office, bedroom or kitchen areas, well-being and quality of life are present, imbued with the contemporary modern and nature-inspired spirit that the brand has always graced. Newest products means newest ideas, and Caffe Latte is ready to present an array of significant and multi-tasking products, in which wooden materials and neutral tones have a preponderant role.

“Luxury is the balance of design, in the sense of beauty and highest quality”

Like a set composed of different sized mirrors, Canephora is easily adaptable to any contemporary modern entryway, living room, dining room or even bathroom decoration.

Freddo is a new series of chic and minimal seating pieces, ideal for a cosy neutral dining room, kitchen, or even hospitality projects. In the first place, Caffe Latte presents the wooden bar chair version, quite elegant and sublime.

The kitchen island is the ideal choice for the counter stool proposal, through a lavish and neutral design.

The dining chair proves that Freddo can be an excellent complement to a high range of styles, due to its scandinavian, but also functional appeal.

Panna is a simple dining chair, but a statement piece both in comfort and design. It can also be found in any japandi or scandi room.

The neutral modern feeling expands to the living room, but also to the office, in which can be found the brand new Odisha, a versatile coffee table, with different and subtle storage compartments.

Created with the same propose of versatility and utility, emerges Biscotti Bookcase. A true pairing of minimalism and organization, available in any comfy office, living room, or even bedroom design.

One more time, Caffe Latte presents a freshly brewed set of neutral modern pieces. A clear new chapter that will surely inspire, in order to bring the contemporary aesthetic in smooth tones. This is certainly a unique place, where comfort and ergonomy are mixed with high-end designed furniture and lighting.

Caffe Latte modern Design’s paramount is to provide ergonomic and functionality to any room, with a modern minimalist approach. Complementing other designs aesthetics with the use of a neutral colour palette, presenting sobriety to any interior decoration project, ultimately creating a consensual and transversal design, suitable for any taste.

Ph: Caffe Latte

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