LUXUS – Amazing Beauty

From 12 July to 1sr October, Palazzo Reale in Milan hosts the exhibition LUXUS – Amazing Beauty represents this idea of luxury with an eclection display of objects in order to learn how luxury has accompanied Western culture in a constant and constant brillant interweaving with the oriental one.

A vital relationship between ancient and modern, between tradition and innovation, allows you to showcase the high luxury craftsmanship through the contribution of original and evocative sets that enhance the creativity of its artists.

A path of aesthetic education to understand the history and concept of luxury, large statues, dresses and strange objects in a tourbillon of dissonant image and references set up the hall.

On its walls are shown films by Cesare Cicardini, which evoke Apollonian and Dionysian image of a luxury lived as an eccentric, imaginative and original experience of life.


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