Not just an actress

A lifetime spent in television studios and on the biggest theatre stages. Emanuela Tittocchia has been entranced by television and the theatre since she was a girl, and over time, they have become her profession.

But a love for all things beautiful has developed into another passion: one for fashion.

“I love embellished, beautiful clothes made of fine fabrics,” Emanuela told us. “Clothes that flatter the figure, and make you feel beautiful. Designing a dress may seem like an easy task, but you actually need to be extremely talented, it’s a true art form. I’m happy to have met Roxana and Andrea, to have visited their workshop in Lugano, and to have worn their beautiful clothes. Roxana Pansino’s creations are made with the finest fabrics embellished with jewels; a beautiful union that makes her clothes truly unique. I will be wearing them at the next big events I will be presenting, and at the Film Festivals I will be taking part in. They are perfectly suited for exclusive events. After all, superb clothing deserves to be shown to the world.” To conclude, she said, “I had never been to Lugano before, and I discovered it is a welcoming and chic place. I love it, and will be back soon.”

by Donatella Orlando

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Excellence Magazine and La Pinetina Golf Club

Excellence Magazine is proud to announce our partnership with La Pinetina Golf


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