NOŪS Santorini

NOŪS Santorini

The Donkey Hotels Group opened its first resort in Santorini.

The Donkey Hotels Group, owned by the Joannou family, made its first investment away from Athens, choosing the island of Santorini. NOŪS, a property boasting 119 rooms, was opened in July 2022 in Mesaria village. The resort is operated by YES! Hotels, the contemporary brand of the Donkey Hotels & Resorts Hospitality Group.

NOŪS reconstructs the traditional villages of the island. Its suites and rooms are nestled in Santorini’s natural promontories. All the materials, stylistic touches, and fabrics adopted for the hotel’s design are those already employed on the island of Santorini for centuries. NOŪS draws inspiration from these through the pure and geometric shapes and architecture of the island, embracing and reinterpreting them in a contemporary style.

Pool Bungalow at the NOŪS Hotel Santorini

The island’s uniqueness and its history have shaped NOŪS. The famous mural found at the archaeological site of Akrotiri inspires the color palette adopted in the resort. Earth tones, terracotta shades, and warm vibrant colors are used throughout all rooms and common areas. The traditional ‘kouloura’ – the unique way of twisting typical island vineyards – has become an interesting decorative element readapted with a modern eye.

For NOŪS, it’s all about originality. An extensive collection of artwork by 12 contemporary Greek artists can be found in all rooms and common areas of the hotel. The contemporary yet also destructive force of volcanoes is the inspiration behind the collection, an invisible thread connecting Santorini’s history to NOŪS. At the same time, a series of modern-designed furniture (by designers such as Doshi & Levien, Konstantin Grcic, Faye Toogood, etc.) is scattered throughout all areas. Their timeless character complements the minimalist style of the Aegean Sea, creating a modern temple of wellness.

Lobby at the NOŪS Hotel

The resort has a capacity of 119 rooms, most of which feature a private pool. Spaciousness is a fundamental element of every type of accommodation. Each room, bungalow, suite and common area is designed to provide guests with a comfortable experience.

Every area of NOŪS has its own style. Special emphasis has been given to the architectural style, so the hotel is designed to allow most rooms to have their own private garden, creating green and pleasant oases.

Pool Spa at the NOŪS

NOŪS presents its gastronomic proposal in two ways. Since the opening of the resort, the all-day poolside restaurant has been offering cuisine that blends local ingredients and an authentic approach. These are the two pillars of the NOŪS’s gastronomy. The genuine ingredients come from Santorini or the rest of Greece. Their rich flavors, along with the cooking techniques employed by the local community, become an inspiration for the chefs at NOŪS. Recognizing the global interest Santorini’s vineyards are receiving, the resort offers its guests the opportunity to meet local winemakers through participation in tastings “celebrated” in special cellars available at the resort.

In addition to the poolside restaurant, NOŪS Santorini Resort opened Elio’s Italian American Chophouse last July. The new culinary experience blends classic Italian cuisine with the liveliness of a New York trattoria, bringing the charm of the Big Apple to the beautiful Greek island. Elio’s combines a charming and nostalgic atmosphere with impeccable and friendly service.

pool bar

Elio’s brings the metropolitan charm of the Italian-American restaurant to NOŪS, serving timeless Italian cuisine with a modern touch on a splendid terrace that offers unlimited views of the island. Stepping into Elio’s interiors, guests are welcomed by an eclectic collection of contemporary artwork, which harmoniously blends with unique aesthetic references to the 1950s and 1960s. To further enhance the atmosphere, brilliantly curated music sets the tone with a blend of Italo disco, swing, soul, and jazz vocals, complemented by the energetic beats of New York funk, R&B, and hip hop.

The resort boasts many wellness amenities, among which stands out an exceptional spa with 5 exclusive treatments, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steam room, frigidarium, gym, and outdoor yoga area. Accompanied by a team of highly specialized therapists, NOŪS guests embark on a personalized journey to well-being. Inspired by the harmonious blend of humanity and nature, and drawing upon the distinctive features of Santorini, therapists suggest a personalized series of body and mind treatments exclusively available at the resort. Most of these treatments are based on the use of local natural products such as the grape varieties found on the island. Additionally, within the spa area, guests can visit the Vitamin Bar, offering fresh salads, fruit juices, cereal bars, smoothies, and traditional Santorini products.

Spa treatments

NOŪS completes the YES! Hotels group’s portfolio. The new resort – the first away from Athens for YES! Hotels – it is built on three pillars, Youthful, Enthusiastic, and Seductive, reflecting YES! Hotels’ hospitality philosophy. Original design, art, and an unwavering commitment to detail, along with premium and personalized service for every guest are hallmarks of YES! Hotels. These values are evident in the new resort welcoming visitors to a first-class Mediterranean destination, offering experiences to its guests and creating memories that will last forever in their minds.

outdoor pool by night

The artist Pal B. Stock
Special One
Special One by Royal Huisman

Special One

The remarkable sportfish yacht by Royal Huisman

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