Oversized Mirrors from Master Bedrooms

There is something magical in mirrors, reminding us fairytales like Snow White, reflecting the real you

There is something magical in mirrors, reminding us fairytales like Snow White, reflecting the real you.

No other space in your home will make you want to relax and become one with yourself, more than your master bedroom, so choosing the perfect mirror to see your reflection every day is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We present our curated picks of unique (in some cases even limited edition!) oversized mirrors, to compliment your bedroom design.

A mirror will always be an object that evokes supreme beauty with an inexplicable mystical appreciation.

Marie Antoinette Mirror

The Marie Antoinette mirror represents an attitude and the characteristics of a critical “époque” that shaped French history. Inspired by the controversy behind her time in the French Court and the lavish lifestyle led by the last generation of French Royal Family’s, the Marie Antoinette Mirror represents the importance given to greatness and extravagance, from its size to finishing details.

Miraggio Mirror by Edra Designed by Campana Brothers

Designed by Campana Brothers, the Miraggio Mirror by Edra is a contemporary wall mirror with a unique design whose coloured reflective acrylic pieces have been laser cut and bound by a series of nylon strips.

contemporary wall mirror with a gold accent for contemporary interiors and elegant rooms, from stylish bedrooms to upscale halls or living rooms. The unique beauty of this oversized mirror comes from daring to risk and challenge conventional design through the finest craftsmanship.

MURRAY Minotti

Truly the embodiment of a fairytale, this oversized mirror is what dreams are made of. Perfect for a whimsical bedroom, this furniture design will make you feel like a princess.


Mirrors become essential to your home interior and if you are looking for contemporary furniture and also follow the new trends, oversized mirrors in your master bedroom are a great choice to complete your bedroom set.

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