Paradise on earth

Manero Pheripheral

A lighter, brighter makeover for the Manero Peripheral.

Carl F. Bucherer reveals its uninhibited side with a cascade of color in the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise, and gives the Manero Peripheral a lighter, brighter makeover.

The radical aesthetic of the new releases show the 135-year-old Swiss watchmaker signaling a more colorful future and a joyful embrace of modern style.

Nowhere could that be clearer than with the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise. This limited-edition scene-stealer looks set to redefine CFB, with an 18 K rose gold case framed by a full-spectrum bezel containing 40 baguette-cut gemstones including tsavorites, sapphires, and rubies.

Every gemstone is unique – naturally occurring and naturally colored – and has been painstakingly selected to ensure each one merges seamlessly with the next.
This challenge was made all the harder with additional gemstone index marks on the black sunray dial that exactly match corresponding stones on the bezel. Rosegold-plated hands complement the case, while a black hybrid rubber strap completes the dynamic look.

A celebration of modern life

As such, the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise is a contemporary milestone that represents the sheer diversity of modern life, created to reflect the mindset of today’s entrepreneurs and their pursuit of a range of passions, in work and life. They’re uninhibited, open-minded, and see the potential in every challenge – and just like them, the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise’s celebration of color is impossible to pin down as one thing or another. In nature, a rainbow is a metaphor for the realization of our dreams: this singular watch says paradise is all around us, however you choose to define it.

Carl F. Bucherer © 2023

Beyond its eye-catching design, this is also one of CFB’s finest timepieces and an expression of Carl F. Bucherer watchmakers’ supreme finesse. As a “Double Peripheral,” it features two of the brand’s signature peripherally mounted technologies in its 33-jewel movement: an automatic winding system and a “floating” tourbillon cage. Neither mounted in the movement’s main plate, nor attached to an overlying bridge, the shock-proof tourbillon is supported peripherally by three ceramic ball bearings and seems to float in space.

Limited to just 18 pieces, the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise is set to be launched on March 16, 2023.

An update inspired by nature

A refresh to the Manero lineup sees CFB’s popular Manero Peripheral in 40 mm given an injection of natural color, with circle brushed dials in blue, salmon, brown, and green, all with black small seconds; and silver white and black dials with, respectively, black and silver white small seconds. All are presented in stainless steel cases with a hybrid rubber strap, and represent a lighter, brighter, more colorful and contemporary future for CFB.

Manero Peripheral
Carl F. Bucherer © 2023

Featuring a peripherally mounted automatic winding system, the watch’s smaller size means it is both the perfect accessory for urban exploits as well as a practical partner for other adventures. As a go-anywhere companion, the Manero Peripheral reflects the realities of modern life: the natural colorways are a reminder to take a break from work and do something completely different – to get a fresh perspective on life and recharge for the challenges of tomorrow.

This is even a story told by the winding system’s bidirectional peripheral oscillating weight, which recharges the watch every time it changes direction, after even the briefest of pauses. The Manero Peripheral is set to be launched on March 23, 2023.

A dynamic new era

Together, the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise and the updates to the Manero Peripheral in 40 mm showcase a dynamic new era for CFB. They add to January’s launch of the stunning, all-black CFB Capsule Collection, which includes cases of forged carbon and demonstrates how the brand is also experimenting with new materials.

As the rest of the releases in 2023 will demonstrate, with increasingly vivid designs launched throughout the year, CFB is actively working to inspire more people to begin #ExploringTime.


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