Piscine Castiglione

Luxury pool designed by Piscine Castiglioni

Passion, visions and innovation since 1961.

Since 1961 that of Piscine Castiglione and its evolution is a story of passion, visions and innovation. Water is the natural element protagonist of the union between technology and nature. Founded by Giorgio Colletto in Castiglione delle Stiviere, in the province of Mantova, it’s the first Italian company to use the technology of prefabricated swimming pools and then, later, to patent its own: Myrtha.

Outdoor swimming pool with luxury design

Present in seventy countries and with over three hundred employees, today Piscine Castiglione is an international reality that is divided into projects ranging from swimming pools for parks, for hotels, for private individuals, up to the construction of circuits for sports and Olympic competitions. Technology is an important focus in the development of the company: the exclusive system of modular panels in hot-rolled stainless steel, which guarantees millimeter precision both in the design and installation phases, has been and continues to be the secret of success. Myrtha projects are treated in detail, thanks also to the simulation of the flows of the “CFD System”, which optimizes the water recirculation system of each pool.

Outdoor swimming pool with luxury design

Another strong point of the Castiglione pools is their lightness: thanks to the technology with modules, the construction on the upper floors allows the pools to be positioned with a simple lift, also lightening the work in terms of structural calculations; the lightness of Myrtha technology also implies strength and flexibility. The company also anticipated the theme of the green economy: the exclusive RenovAction system was already born in 1997, giving new life to the old reinforced concrete swimming pools. Two patents, two steps forward, to guarantee resistant, waterproof and above all green swimming pools, all this before environmental protection became one of man’s most important challenges.

Outdoor swimming pool with luxury design

The pride of the company is given by the swimming pools built for international sporting events; the first dates back to 1987 and it was the pool of the European Swimming Championships in Strasbourg. In Atlanta 1996, one hundred years after the birth of the modern Olympics, the company built the temporary swimming pool for water polo competitions. Since then a long series of international sporting events, Europeans, World Cups, passing through the American Trials and numerous editions of the Olympic Games, have been guaranteed by the perfection of Myrtha technology. Perfection that has also made possible a profitable alliance as an official FINA partner from 2009 till now for swimming pools, water polo, artistic swimming, diving and high-diving.

However, the swimming pool is above all a metaphor for fun and relaxation: the high standards are also applied to the design and installation of structures for the entertainment of the little ones and for 5-star relaxation for adults. Indeed, Myrtha technology is also perfect for water parks and play pools. But it’s in hotels and wellness areas that Italian design shines the most: the company has indeed won over internationally renowned architects and designers and embellished five-star hotels, resorts and spas all over the world, among which the Hilton and Accor chains stand out. In 2019 Marriott, a prestigious international hotel chain, chose Myrtha as the preferred technology and design for all its brands.

Hotel wellness area swimming pool

True Made in Italy is one of the fundamental values of Piscine Castiglione. A work that starts from research and passes through the design and production phases, up to the final installation. Thanks to the passion for challenges and the all-Italian ability to find solutions to even the most complex projects, the company enjoys practically unlimited flexibility and creativity. A lot of time has passed from the Roman baths to today and Myrtha technology has been added to the three pillars: relaxation, luxury and well-being. The Myrtha modular panels thus become the steel core of the made in Italy design of a complete wellness line with saunas, steam baths, Kneipp pools, salt walls, ice fountains and emotional showers. The flexibility and the resistance of the modular panel system makes it possible to integrate aquatic spaces with wellness environments in a completely natural way, following the latest trends of the best hotels, resorts and spas.

luxury swimming pool design

Finally, the partnership lasting fifteen years with the company “Rezzonico Lugano”, representative of Piscine Castiglione for Ticino and for all Switzerland and which, since 2023, is also responsible for after-sales assistance and maintenance for public swimming pools throughout Switzerland. Piscine Castiglione today continues its development and research plan to always be the world reference point in the sector.

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