Piuarch: four restaurants celebrating the art of hospitality

From the golden ambiance of Dolce & Gabbana’s restaurant, to the New-York-loft-style appeal of Maxim, the temple of the new Russian gastronomic tradition in St. Petersburg, and the international mood of the M89 Hotel’s room with a scenic view: places given to different concepts, where the art of hospitality is staged by as many different actors. The design of a restaurant must reveal the style of the cuisine and of the owners, and it is precisely in this spirit that Piuarch created the interior design of these dining establishments. Each restaurant has a clear identity that reflects the personality of the owners, and at the same interprets the physical setting of the location.

Designed for Dolce & Gabbana and completed in 2007 in Milan, Gold bears the stamp of the famous maison’s values as a “fashion” place to be: a gold-faceted play of light, together with mirror inserts and precious marble, defines the space of the restaurant. Candelabra, hanging sculptural lamps made from a cloud of small hand blown glass balls, open cabinets for collecting the best vintage wines, tables with reflecting tops and screens made from metal wires convey the decorative trend that is typical of the brand, with an emphasis on details.

By contrast, the Mansarda restaurant at Gazprom’s headquarters in St. Petersburg and the restaurant on the top floor of the M89 Hotel in Milan, completed in 2017, feature a rigorous style: in both cases the essential furnishings leave room for the complex geometry of the ceiling and the spacious windows from which one can enjoy the view. Both are also enhanced by an outdoor terrace, completed by a carefully designed arrangement of plants.
Maxim, located on the top floor of a luxurious Moscow shopping center, is instead conceived as a “cult” place, where one can experience a New York metropolitan atmosphere: the space is fluid, structured like a loft on several levels, with exposed concrete, wide plank flooring in dark wood, glass, metal and Chester-style sofas, bars where cocktails are mixed, and aged leather and tartan fabric details.
Each restaurant offers a different journey for the senses, with innovative, experimental or international menus, corresponding with similar aesthetics of materials, lights and colors, carefully chosen by Piuarch to interpret its own unique philosophy.

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