QUOISE EYEWEAR: Italian, sustainable, revolutionary and committed

The Quoise are revolutionary glasses, because they offer an out-of-the-box perspective: everything starts from waste, from garbage

Quoise Eyewear is the 100% Italian eyewear brand, from design to production to distribution, which gives new life to waste, taking care of the sea and the environment.

It is founded by Alice Mentasti, Stefano Lanzi, Nicolò Barbuio, Isa Gatti and Pierpaolo Frattini, entrepreneurs and consultants in different sectors of finance, sports and pharmaceuticals, but linked by the desire to make the world better through a new vision.

The Quoise are revolutionary glasses, because they offer an out-of-the-box perspective: everything starts from waste, from garbage.

Plastic recovered from the sea (such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, used carpets …) is regenerated thanks to cutting-edge technologies. Thus was born Econyl®, a material created by Aquafil, a world leader in the synthetic fibers sector, which shapes all the models of the Quoise Eyewear sun collection, not only recycled but infinitely recyclable.

They are light, resilient, gritty, you recognize them at first glance by the three enameled front pins (turquoise, like the most crystalline waters), they have a decisive appearance and a delicate, respectful soul.

At MIDO 2022, the sun proposals are joined by the first collection seen in bio-acetate made from cellulose: different materials, the same attention to the environment and a design with a strong personality. Each specimen, in addition to not having a harmful impact on the seas, helps to heal the damage already in place: the company donates 5 euros for each pair purchased to the Marevivo non-profit organization, at the forefront to safeguard the sea and the planet.


No gender, in 100% Econyl®, with polycarbonate lenses and UV400 protection factor

MARLIN: aerodynamic and sporty

Futuristic in Y2K style, they have a single, enveloping lens, ideal for ensuring full visibility even during sports practice. They are available in 5 color / lens combinations: Pantone of the year 2022 Very Peri, Sand Gray, Sand Orange, Black and Black with polarizing and mirrored lenses.

MANTA: glamor is green

Bold and impactful, they are a concentrate of extraordinary quotes. They blend soft and square lines together, quote the fabs of the 60s and the legendary 80s and are developed in a strong and sophisticated color palette made up of 4 variants: the Pantone of the year 2022 Very Peri, soft pink, intense red and pure black, which gives maximum prominence to the design.

OTTER: urban x Gen Z

Rectangular and “flattened”, they have an attractive and urban design, inspired by the 90s. Each of the 3 color variants features gradient lenses that create unexpected chromatic games: the rigorous black softens with pink lenses, the bright fuchsia goes well with blue lenses, the intense yellow warms up with ocher lenses.


In cellulose bio-acetate, sophisticated, comfortable, resistant and designed for every face


The Plemmirio Marine Protected Area is located on the east coast of Syracuse in Sicily and was established in 2004. It is so magical that it has been classified as a Specially Protected Area of ​​Mediterranean Interest.

The Quoise frame that bears his name is square, masculine, has bold profiles and 4 color variants, stolen from the rocks and the sea: brown, black, blue and green.


Established in November 1986, the marine reserve of Ustica in Sicily, with its rich seabed, was the first Italian marine protected area.

The unisex frame that Quoise dedicates to the island has a vintage allure. It offers decent size and a classic pantos shape with a key bridge. It is available in 4 sophisticated shades: green, aqua, honey and champagne.


The island of Gaiola is one of the smaller islands of Naples; it is located opposite the coast of Posillipo, in the submerged park of Gaiola, framed by one of the most evocative coastal landscapes of the Gulf of Naples.

The Gaiola frame is fatal, XL, square and bold, declined in mysterious black, unusual brown, refined champagne and intriguing red.


Emerald waters, dazzling stacks, coves of fine sand, iridescent caves: the Tremiti are five pearls thrown into the Adriatic, in Puglia.

The frame that Quoise dedicates to this paradise has a small caliber suitable for teen or adult clients with small faces. The unisex shape is square but the bio-acetate profiles are thin and delicate, they do not take over and frame the gaze gracefully, enhancing the features. The colors: black, blue, green and champagne.


A cone of limestone covered with Mediterranean scrub, coral reefs and Posidonia oceanica meadows: the Bergeggi Island Marine Protected Area is a treasure trove of biodiversity in the province of Savona, Liguria.

The Quoise frame of the same name is square and wide but thin. The small caliber makes it ideal for teenagers or adults with small faces.

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