The Russian New Year Party: A special evening

The orthodox New Year’s Day is the equivalent to our New Year’ Day and it is celebrated throughout that part of the world that uses the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian one. The orthodox New Year falls in the night between 13rd and 14th of January while we celebrate the New Year on 31st of December. Always close to the excellence, can’t miss this  event Excellence Magazine, present as exclusive Media Partner. People make gifts to each other to wish prosperity, happiness and good luck. ThinkEvent by ThinkDesign, together with the WKND nightclub in Lugano, has decided to celebrate it in 2017 in an amusing atmosphere. There will be a show made up of sounds, lights and colors and a unique location along with a Standing Dinner that will transport quests in the magical culture of the northern countries.


A curiosity:

Tradition wants that on January 14th the first person to enter home should be a male: Orthodox think that this is a good omen and the following twelve months will be full of good luck.


The Evdokimov show theatre is a show made up of sounds, lights and colors which gives strong emotions. This show represents the union of different genres: musical, comedy, theatre. A male corps de ballet is the heart of the show: seven professional dancers led by Anatoly Evdokimov himself, who is an example of style and talent.


A Curiosity:

The Evdokimov show theatre is very famous in Russia for the splendor and richness of the dancers’ costumes which are very expensive. Famous names in fashion such as Thiery Mugler, John Galliano, Paul Gaultier and Swarosky draw, produce and decorate their costumes and stage sets.


The lysosomal storage diseases are a group of about 50 diseases due to an alteration of any of the functions of lysosomes which are organelles responsible for the degradation and recycling of materials produced by cellular metabolism and in particular due to a deficiency or a malfuntion of the enzymes responsible for their activities. These are systemic diseases which may affect multiple organs and the most common clinical manifestation are: enlarged liver and spleen, involvment of the central nervous system with progressive loss of neurological functions, eyes’, heart’s and muscles’ disorders. The age of onset is variable but generally pediatric.



Where once there was Morandi Disco now there is WKND (Weekend) Disco. It has been completely restored even if it has still its original structure. WKND is the result of the collaboration of many people who are passionate and hungry for fun, great service, energy, attention to details and quality of what they offer.

Week-end Disco


20.00 Welcome and aperitif time

20.30 Beginning of standing dinner

21.30 Presentation of the show

22.30 Dinner

23.00 The Show

23.45 Waiting for Santa Claus

24.00 Toast to the New Year

Start dancing

05.00 Closing



Welcome drink

Hand-cut smoked salmon and great buffet of appetizers including Russian, Swiss and Italian specialities.


Crespella with a heart of white sauce and fillet of sea bass with cream of pumpkin and saffron


Strofanoff with Piemontese Fassone fillet

Tartare of Chianina beef and quail pearl

Bouquet of steamed vegetables with anise scent and wild fennel

Fisch crudities: Salmon and Sea bass rolls with Carpaccio of prawns in a Royal citrus sauce and chives


Mille feuille with Chantilly cream with strawberries, blackberries and raspberries

Cassata, cannoli and Sicilian pastry


The menu includes drinks and Wine Open Bar during dinner



Are you interested in booking a Table for 8 people? The cost is CHF 1’440.–

The cost of the evening with standing dinner is CHF 180.– per person.

PROMOTION for the readers of the Prestigious Excellence Magazine 

Cost of the table for 8 people CHF 1’280.–

The standing dinner CHF 140 per person.



ThinkEvent by ThinkDesign SA

Corso Elvezia, 4

CH 6900 Lugano

Tel. +41919210930


Bal de Noel : The Regal Dream

Bal de Noel : The Regal Dream

The « Bal de Noël » “under the High Patronage of H

Excellence Magazine wishes you Merry Christamas and Happy New Year

Excellence Magazine wishes you Merry Christamas and Happy New Year

Excellence Magazine wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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