Sartoria Deplano, the perfection of a tailored suit

Deplano tailoring, currently based in Morazzone, near Varese, has its roots based in Sardinia, when Raymond Deplano founded his first company in 1927 in Gairo Sant’Elena, in the province of Nuoro. He was a man with a strong personality and an innate sense of justice, so much so he was asked to put an end to the disputes of his countrymen as a forerunner of today’s Justice of the Peace. Raymond Deplano came to found three tailoring businesses in Sardinia. After the company’s transfer to Morazzone, in 1975, his son, Carlo, and later his grandchildren, Stefano, Raimondo and Marco continued and expanded the company, making it modern, aggressive and competitive, following the magic and charm of one of the oldest and most alluring crafts in the history of professions.

DEPLANO-03The company revolves around its clientele, harnessing the experience, talent, technical skills and the use of a wide range of Made in Italy fabrics that help make each suit, jacket or pants a unique piece. Today, the Sartoria Deplano packages every piece of its menswear, from formal wear, classic suits, winter and lightweight jackets, to trench coats and wooland soft cotton pants. There is also a wide range of high grade – and excellent Italian production – accessories like ties, belts and suspenders, because along with tailored suit, accessories must have a touch of class and sophistication.

DEPLANO-07The Sartoria Deplano is therefore synonymous with precision and prestige. Expertise and attention to detail make their tailored creations into masterpieces. As the owners of Sartoria Deplano like to emphasize, men of today have become very demanding, enjoy having a well-cured wardrobe and wearing top quality clothing that is constructed according to every detail of his body, being stylish at every opportunity. The Sartoria Deplano reaches a diverse clientele, both customers that wish to experience tailoring for the first time as well as prominent figures in business and culture who are long-accustomed to their creations. Several models and colors are in store for the next season; topical blue in all its shades is on trend, as well as unlined linen and silk jackets in pastel colors or bottle green.

The important thing is to never forget good taste, a golden rule that is also supported by Monsignor Giovanni Della Casa, who in his famous ‘Galateo overo de’ costumi,’ so pontificated: “Everyone should be well-dressed according to his or her condition and age; Because, otherwise doing, you seem to disregard others.”


Via Caronaccio 30

21040 – Morazzone (VA) Italy

Tel: + 39 0332 464020

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