Wonderfull shows made with italian passion

That of Marco Balich and his company, Balich Worldwide Shows founded with two other partners, Gianmaria Serra and Simone Merico, both colleagues from way back and entertainment industry veterans. He calls them big shows and says that “there’s no shortcut to emotions” in this business, you have to be sincere, true and provoke emotions. How? By never stopping being “children”, or rather, by looking at and thinking of things with the eyes of children, who by their nature keep the ability to be amazed. It seems easy, but that’s just appearance. The organising setup behind “Balich-style” ceremonies is in no way ordinary. Each project is unique and is “custommade” for each client, based on the values and history specific to that client. For such important events, art directors, light designers, audio and video programmers, stage managers, props designers, project managers work for months and months, … all coordinated by the watchful eye of the Executive Producer, with the direction of the artistic director.

SPETTACOLI MERAVIGLIOSI 5Just a few dozen people in the initial stages who become hundreds as the project progresses and the day to “go live” approaches. Whether it is a private event like the “wedding of the century” or the Ceremony with the biggest audience in the world, those of themOlympic Games, Balich Worldwide Shows is there with its team, with its network of professionals around the world. Each show is a challenge leading Balich Worldwide Shows into unexplored geographic, technical and creative territories.

The company’s greatest talent is not just being able to create events on time and on budget, but knowing how to discover, get to know and enter into contact with different cultures. The direction is inflexible; the team, multicultural, works and gets along well thanks to the numerous projects they have worked on all over the world: Turin, Mexico City, Donetsk, Ashgabat, Rio de Janeiro, Sochi, Verona. There and back from Italy. But not for long. Soon it’s off again to Rio where in 2016 the Olympics will be held, and the Ceremonies for them, produced by CC2016, naturally, bear Balich’s signature as Executive Producer.


Doha, on the future tree where fruits are surprises

Doha, on the future tree where fruits are surprises

Do not think about the stereotype which western people have about arabic world

Leonardo. Drawing the world
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